The Division Bell story –

I encourage people reading this, to read the entire website. Reading one chapter doesn’t give you the whole story. The story and the Enigma is like a web that connects lyrics, artwork, clues, messages, stories and interviews. It’s like many enigmas rolled into one.

(In this website..Read chapters 1 through 8 for the book form of the story, chapter 9 coming soon)

On the 25th anniversary of the Publius Enigma I was interviewed on a radio show telling most of it. The YouTube below is part One..

(The song “Dominoes” by Syd Barrett is the key to the Enigma and what is on the key or song is the solution. The solution to the Publius Enigma is a question in the song “Don’t you want to see her proof?” The Enigma was set up to help me get my story behind The Division Bell out into the media and for me to show the proof.

Douglas Adams, friend of David Gilmour gave “The Division Bell” its name.

When Douglas Adams wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, he added a central joke which has become more famous over the years than the novel itself: “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.”

The clues in the Publius messages, TDB tour guide, TDB CD booklet, and David Gilmour interview point to Detroit and Michigan. Publius was directing fans to that location where all would be revealed…coincidentally The latitude of Michigan happens to be 42 degrees 0′ north.

I’m from the Detroit area of Michigan and I’ve always had the story behind TDB. I lived part of the concept before the album was written. This whole website tells the story, shows and explains clues.

Fans were to find me by way of the Publius messages, then I was to reveal the story behind The Division Bell. But fans didn’t believe me in the newsgroup so the Enigma went nowhere.

Back in the 70’s even though I knew the members of ELP, I never though I’d be a part of a song. It never entered my mind and it would be sacrilegious to even think it. No one really cared for me, so I didn’t think there could be a song. But there were songs for a sad, strange reason to hurt me because I knew too much. And the more they tried to hurt me with lies of love with songs, videos and bizarre activity, the more secrets I ended up with. In the 80’s and 90’s Carl Palmer had help from Sting, Jon Anderson, John Wetton and Geoff Downes. Throughout this website I mention which songs, videos and the actual stalkings. They thought the more bizarre things they gave me, the less I’d be believe when I talked about it all.

I loved and respected musicians very much and I never took advantage of them. They were people first, musicians second and rock stars third. They were like brothers in the same family. I loved one of them, Carl Palmer, so all the others were really not on my mind. Except for one other David Gilmour. Although I hung out with Roger, Nick and Rick at a small gathering, I wasn’t able to talk to Gilmour except to offer him a joint and he said “no” on the DSOTM tour. I was helping out a friend, Chris Adamson, who was their roadie. It was Gilmour I wanted to talk to and ask for advice about Carl. I wanted to ask him if he knew him and what what kind of person he was. Gilmour seemed like a helpful, down to earth kind of guy.

Then 21 years later, he actually does give me advice through The Division Bell.
That’s one of the most incredible things about everything that happened.
In my letters to Carl, I wrote that if I believed and trusted anyone, it would be Gilmour. So I believe that’s why Carl gave my letters to Gilmour or Nick Mason on condition that they’d be used for another concept like the Wall, mental illness and isolation. Then I’d really be put over the edge and all Carls secrets would be gone with me.

But that didn’t happen. Instead The Division Bell is a concept album about the communication between two people gone wrong. On one side the woman begs for him to talk to her and free her from the isolation he put her in. On the other the man talks about pushing her to limit to see if she’ll break. He’s worries she’ll take back her love someday and tell his secrets that could ruin him. He cant think straight and he feels like he’s drowning. All the while she keeps asking why he won’t talk to her.

Gilmour sings on behalf of both the characters. “Take it back” is the man talking to himself about the woman. “Coming Back to Life” is the woman talking to the man about the heavenly ride he put her through. But she decides to kill the past and come back to life.
I killed the past and I came back to life because of The Division Bell.

From The Division Bell artwork

In some of the artwork you see a third face looking back at you. The two heads talking to each other combined make one face looking at you.
David speaks on behalf of the two people with lyrics and music to you the listener.

The Publius Enigma has been solved and I’m using this blog to tell it for now. Pink Floyd still can’t say anything about the Enigma and can’t tell you the story behind the lyrics because they wrote about other musicians and what they did. I have to be the one to tell what other musicians did because they did it to me. The album was given as a gift, so I could more easily be believed over the other musicians and get Justice and tell the story. Other musicians used love songs, lyrics and videos to cause horrible emotional distress. The Division Bell lyrics tell the story and reveal clues as to who those musicians are. That is why Pink Floyd can’t say anything and David Gilmour went so far as to say the “Enigma was a record company thing to puzzle people with. The reason other musicians wanted to cause me emotional harm is because I know too much about them and they don’t want me telling it. But with the help of Pink Floyd and their musician friends I have been telling it.

Reading the story behind the album is for the fans first, its part of your prize promised by Publius.. What could be a cooler prize for fans than to read the story behind the album firsthand from another fan, before the media tells you. But I believe once the fans help me get the story into the media, they will get more prizes, perhaps new music.

Once the truth about everything gets out, then perhaps Gilmour, Mason and their musicians friends, who also know and have been encouraging, will be able to talk freely, but not until then. Until then, they can’t say anything but they are giving me clues to give to fans and I show them in this website.

So strangely, musicians are waiting for the fans to help me and them, that’s the way the Publius Enigma was originally set up to get the fans to help them get the story circulated. Publius told fans to open their minds. Believe it and you will see it. Truth is stranger than fiction. The Enigma has grown over the years into other music, which I talk about in this website.

For those fans who still think that The Division Bell is about Roger Waters or Syd, these are Gilmour’s quotes on it. “People can invent and relate to a song in their personal ways, but it’s a little late at this point for us to be conjuring Roger up.” And “It never started out as having anything to do with Roger” and “Enough homage has already been paid to Syd”

The Publius messages give clues that point to the artwork of The Division Bell that point to Detroit. The Publius Enigma was invented for fans to find the Detroit clues, then they’d find the person who would tell them the story behind TDB. No musicians can talk about any of it, because the story reveals truths that other musicians don’t want anyone to know. One thing that Publius wrote that people have to remember is that they need to open their minds.

It’s been 25 years since this all started. Yes it’s unbelievable, but it’s everything that happened that’s unbelievable, I’m just telling it. How could I possibly make up a story that fits lyrics, artwork and clues? This is a huge story that musicians, and Enigma seekers all over the world are waiting for, but I can’t get it in the media because it’s too unbelievable, well it is called an Enigma. It’s my job to tell the story behind TDB and let everyone know that David Gilmour and Pink Floyd helped a friend/fan in a huge way. When I’m not allowed to be heard, fans continue to believe that Pink Floyd has failed them and that the Enigma was a hoax. It wasn’t. It just didn’t work the way it was intended because of non believers. Pink Floyd and others are heroes and it needs to be known. I can answer any questions anyone has.

After the Division Bell tour started, at the beginning of June 1994, a person calling themselves Publius started posting messages in the online newsgroup That group has been defunct since Oct. 2018.

Publius wrote:

“AS SOME OF YOU HAVE SUSPECTED, “The Division Bell” is not like it’s predecessors. Although all great music is subject to multiple interpretations, in this case there is a central purpose and a designed solution. For the ingenious person (or group of persons) who recognize this – and where this information points to – a unique prize has been secreted. How and Where? The Division Bell Listen again Look again As your thoughts will steer you Leading the blind while I stared out the steel in your eyes. Lyrics, artwork and music will take you there.”

In that one paragraph alone are 4 clues to where the prize has been secreted. Publius wrote “How and Where? meaning.. How do the clues tell Where?

Steel, steer, Leading the blind, and this information points to, are clues

Steel.. Detroit was one of the main steel producers in the world. Detroit is considered the auto capital of the world. Steel is used in the manufacturing of automobiles.

Steer… Another auto clue, steer a car.

Leading the blind… Leader Dogs for the Blind is a guide dog training school in Rochester Hills Michigan. It was founded in 1939 by the Lions Club and it is one of the largest organizations of its kind.

This information points to: where do the Publius clues and information point to? Detroit, Michigan

Why do Publius clues point to Detroit clues in TDB art? Because that is where all is to be revealed.
I am from Detroit, and I have the story.

Even though I know and lived the story behind The Division Bell lyrics and artwork, at first I had no idea what the Publius Enigma was, who Publius was or where more clues were hidden. I looked for clues along with the rest of the fans in the newsgroup, but I was also telling the story behind the lyrics and some artwork which must have been confusing and people actually didn’t like me very much. But knowing the story helped me to figure out the Publius clues and where they pointed to in TDB artwork that the fans were suppose to find. The clues in the Publius messages and the interviews of people connected to Pink Floyd are words that would normally go unnoticed because they are common, but it’s the way they are used that is uncommon and noticeable, like in repetition, or have a double meaning.

The Enigma was created to draw attention to the album and help fans find the clues that pointed to my location, so that when they found my location, I would tell the story behind the album. But I was telling the story before they found my location. I didn’t know how the Enigma was set then. And so the enigma didn’t go anywhere for years. People just didn’t believe David Gilmour would help a fan, or as I was, a friend of a friend of his.

A page from The Division Bell US tour guide with cities listed..held up to the light show point of cape on opposite side pointing to DETROIT.

I know it’s really unbelievable…but it’s not my fault that the people who helped me are Legendary. And that the way they did it is huge and unbelievable. They are people after all and they knew how other musicians were using music to cause harm. No musician should stand for that. So Pink Floyd used their music to bring me “back to life” from a “dangerous but irresistible pastime” caused by my old so-called friend Carl Palmer of Emerson Lake & Palmer and his band members , who thought it was funny to use music and videos to torment me with love songs. Pretend to love someone and then laugh in their face. I just know too much about Carl and he and his friends wanted to erase my mind or me somehow. Some will ask, but Carl never sang or wrote a song, how could he do that? He had the help of his band members. The lyrics and artwork of The Division Bell tell the story. He was “hanging himself on someone else’s words, dying to believe in what he heard”. But the music of Pink Floyd literally brought me “Back to Life”.

The Division Bell tells a story to the fans. A story of communication between two people. The lyrics are the communication from one person to the other. But more importantly it tells of the horrible sadness that one brought upon the other. The Division Bell was written for justice.

Cover of the Pink Floyd Division Bell US Tour Guide shows the album itself in between the two mouths of the two steel heads. This shows that the album lyrics are the communication between two people.

David Gilmour and friends created the Publius Enigma to draw fans worldwide into a puzzle that would encourage them to search The Division Bell lyrics and artwork, Pulse video, and to find clues and put it all together. And be directed to me, so I could tell them more. I was there on the PF newsgroup trying to tell it, but no one believed me. Publius clues and artwork point to my location Detroit and Michigan. Fans were suppose to see that. Dominoes, along with many others, is a clue in the Time video. During Pulse, a domino clue is given in the stage lighting. The lyrics in the Syd Barrett song “Don’t you want to see her proof” is the message from that clue. And I was given the proof with the clues, so I’d be believed when I told the story.

As of this writing April 2019, Nick Mason drummer for Pink Floyd is touring with his band Saucerful of Secrets. More info here

I felt Nick would give us an Enigma clue somehow. I just realized that the song “Dominoes” by Syd Barrett is not on his set list. I don’t know if he played it anywhere this year. He said that he would be playing “everything before DSOTM and a lot of material” To NOT play the song Dominoes, seems like it’s a secret and clue.

Dominoes with it’s lyrics “Don’t you want to see her proof?” is the answer to the Enigma. I’m telling the story behind TDB lyrics and artwork. My being able to interpret it all is the proof.

Why did PF get the fans involve in the riddle, because I am a fan too and know the story behind TDB and they were suppose to help me get the story out. That’s why reading the story is so important. That’s the story David Gilmour used for TDB concept. I knew I had to tell the story to fans but didn’t know where to tell it. Then by reading the Gilmour interview in Guitar World magazine, I found the newsgroup. I looked for Enigma clues along with the fans. When I finally figured out and followed the clues I found that they led to me. That was strange, but then I knew the story already so when I found a clue I knew what it meant.

WHY would he do that for me? How did I know PF? I was a friend of Chris Adamson PF equipment manager who has been the tour production manager for Tom Petty. I met PF and hung out with Roger, Nick and Rick. My friends can verify that.

BUT WHY would Gilmour go to such great lengths to help me and help me get justice? I was being horribly emotionally abused by Carl Palmer who used music, videos, very bizarre things like weird phone calls and faxes. But the way he was doing it nobody would believe me over him.. And he kept doing it. He wanted to destroy my mind because I knew too much, he pretended to love me, but it was a songs were used to hurt me. He kept using that video I’m in with him.

Who else could help me and tell me exactly what Carl was doing, but another musician. No one would believe me over Carl, but fans would believe Pink Floyd over Carl. Fans played such an important role. They were suppose to help me get justice by helping me get it in the newspapers about what others did to me. Listen to “Wearing the Inside out”…that’s my pain right there exactly. I was very ill physically and emotionally for a year, lost a lot of weight and couldn’t function. I was in a very deep depression. I refused to believe anyone would use Love songs to hurt someone so bad.

In 92 and 93 I wrote many letters to Carl asking why he wouldn’t talk to me and asking what he was doing and telling how sick I was. I believed Carl gave the letters to Nick Mason so PF would use them as lyrics to push me over the edge completely. But instead of helping Carl, like some other musicians were doing, PF helped me. (Nick said they had over 40 pieces of material, about how many letters I wrote) That’s why Gilmour can’t say anything. Carl could sue him or use it all against him somehow. Thats why this story needs to get out into the media to show how David Gilmour helped me.

I knew Carl in the 70’s but when he tried to use me in a photo op, I left. What I didn’t realize was that I was taking his secrets with me, secrets that he feels could ruin his career. He always built himself up to be quite macho on stage taking his shirt off during his drum solos, etc. Some of the things I know can hurt his image if I told it, and my story would be thought of as homophobic or defamatory and my website would be taken down again. It may not bother some drummers but it bothers Carl that they might find out. Most all of his fans are men. He won’t try to sue me because what I’m saying is true. Actually court would be good because the truth would come out.

I didn’t know it until 92, but for years in the 80’s some songs by Asia written by Carl’s longtime friend John Wetton, were about me and Carl. It was so that I’d believe Carl loved me and to convince me that he was’t what I know he is.. It wasn’t until 1992 when ELP reformed that I realize what had been going on for years. The song “Affairs of the Heart” tells a love story of me and Carl. But it’s a lie. To use music to hurt someone is horrible and only other musicians could help me and tell me what others were doing.

After reading what I wrote here listen to TDB and hear the conversation between the two people. “She will take it back someday” “She will tell my secret someday. The “self destructing animal, the Golden boy” He was the youngest of all the top British musicians in the 70’s. “There was a ragged band that followed in our footsteps” the ragged band was Emerson Lake and Palmer, they were on tour in the early 70’s as PF were. I can explain so much. “in shades of grey” the first Asia album cover has shades of gray on it. The Division Bell tells a story to the fans. A story of communication between two people. The lyrics are the communication from one person to the other.

But more importantly it tells of the horrible sadness that one brought upon the other. The Division Bell was written to help me tell the story about what other musicians did with music, so fans would know and I could get justice. “She will take it back someday” and that’s what I’m doing here..

From the video during “Time”

Images from the song “Time” during the Pink Floyd Pulse concert.

These are like time keepers from inside the clock..
Like drummers keeping time. It has a mask on and when it goes
forward then back, it turns into a time keeper with a woman’s face.

CP is a drummer who wore a mask during his time with the band
The crazy world of Arthur Brown.
I played drums in the early 70’s and had an all girl band in the 80’s.

I know it’s all difficult to believe, but who doesn’t believe that David Gilmour would go to such lengths to help a fan like this? It’s exactly the thing he would do to help someone and fans know it.

The Division Bell cover art explained..

First the cover art of The Division Bell…two steel heads on a field facing each other with their mouths open as if communicating. Ely Cathedral (or as Publius referred to it as a castle) is in between the mouths. The castle represents Stings home which is a castle. The field represents Sting’s song “Fields of Gold”. The castle is in between the mouths to represent the fact that the song Fields of Gold is communication between the two people that the steel heads represent. The same two people that the Division Bell lyrics communicate on behalf of. But, The Division Bell tells the truth on behalf of the two people and that Fields of Gold doesn’t.

(The venue for the Detroit area on The Division Bell tour was the Silverdome. The steel heads on the cover of The Division Bell have silver domes)
Once you know the story behind the concept, it’s easy to understand the lyrics and how they are communication between two people. By reading the sections of this website, it will be easy for you to interpret the lyrics and artwork. You may even find more clues that were hidden, there are quite a few. And many times the band has stated that the album is about communication. It’s a true story being told with lyrics about two people and what the man did to the woman and how she suffered from his lies of love because she knows his secrets and might tell. It’s quite obvious really. The woman talks to the man asking why he won’t talk to her, why he’s pretending to love her and why he left her causing such emotional distress. And David Gilmour is the voice behind the two characters and he’s telling their story. She’s an unknown and can’t defend herself against the man who is someone famous. So the Division Bell is the help she needed to tell what the man did, so that she would be believed over him. How do I know this? I am the woman who lived the story and I show in this website who the man is and the clues that point to him.

Cover art of “The Division Bell” communication between a woman and a man
Above lyrics represent communication from woman to man
In these lyrics, the man thinks about the woman and is worried she’ll tell his secrets, so he stalks her in bizarre ways to cause emotional distress hoping she may harm herself and his secret will be safe.

From the song Keep Talking, the lyrics represent communication back forth.

See other chapters for lyric explanations. While reading the story, the lyrics will be self explanatory.

I really don’t like saying that a song is about me or that I’m some kind of muse, because music belongs to the universe and it’s to be used in any way the listeners sees fit. I like my privacy, but things happened and I ended up with a big story to tell.

Pink Floyd fans ask me “who do you think you are somebody special”?

Believe me, I don’t think I’m anyone special. I went through hell by someone I had a relationship with and who I cared about and I was helped by people who knew what he was doing to me. I can’t help it if the people who did all that are legendary rock stars and the way I was hurt and helped was through music. I know special things and I don’t think that makes me personally special.

If I did think I was somebody special why did it take me twenty five years to finally write about it? I never made a dime off anything. I spend money trying to tell fans. I told the fans about it years ago, they refused to believe it, so I thought well forget it, no enigma for you then.
But I’m getting old now and not in good health, so I want to tell it before I die. But sadly, I still get accused of trying to be a “somebody”. If anything I’m somebody special in that I don’t care about fame and I don’t want attention. If somebody else wants to tell my story in the media, and get attention, they have my blessing.

Pink Floyd wrote about my story and gave me this huge gift, so I would get popular and get in the media, so I could get justice. Being a nobody, I can’t get justice because the people who hurt me are very famous.

Fans are doing the opposite of what Pink Floyd wanted them to do. They are hurting me instead of helping me. They were suppose to support me, so I could get justice.

Personally, I don’t care for fame and how people seek it. If I did get into the media with my story, you would see a very shy person hiding and I would probably have my son speak for me. Believe me, I hate cameras, and you’d know that by reading my story.

In this website, I talk about people I met and things I did so that fans will see that my claims are true. I’m not here bragging, I’m here sharing a cool story. If people don’t believe it that’s fine, but don’t think I’m in this for attention. That’s why it took me so long to tell this, because I was afraid of attention and I like my privacy.
My attitude towards musicians every since I was 15, was that they are just people, just cooler than most.

So if you want to blame anybody, blame David Gilmour and Pink Floyd for helping out a fan/friend with music. Its not my fault they gave me this huge gift for justice and to give to fans.

One other thing I’d like to mention. I never saw the movie “Almost Famous” that came out in 2000. I started telling my story around 1995 on the internet at the Pink Floyd newsgroup where Publius started posting. I knew the movie was about groupies and rock bands and I didn’t care to see it. I had my own true story that I was trying to tell and I didnt want anyone to think that I stole my story from the movie. I wasn’t a real groupie and didn’t sleep with musicians, I just loved the bands and one musician.

If anything, they used my story for the movie. I was pissed off when I saw a preview of the movie where Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane twirling around alone on the dance floor. I turned the channel. If there is a chandelier or glitter ball above her, then I know they ripped me off. That’s what I did in 1971 and it can even be heard in the Emerson Lake & Palmer song “Affairs of the heart” where Lake sings about how Palmer and I met on the dance floor and I was twirling around “emerging from a silk cocoon alone beneath Venetian chandeliers”. So when I saw that one bit from the movie preview, I figured that they used my story. Then I heard that the song “Looking at You” by the MC5 was used in the movie. I was friends with the MC5 in Detroit in the late 60’s and can be seen in the youtube video “Looking at You” standing behind the band in between the speakers.

There could be more similarities between my story and the movie and I don’t want people to think I stole from any characters.

If my experiences seem similar to their storylines, they stole from me. Musicians knew about my story back in the early 90’s and it was all on the internet and they probably gave parts to Cameron Crowe. I think the movie also has something to do with Led Zeppelin. I met them in 1972 and they are part of my story. I think some of the musicians were trying to help me tell my story by giving the writer some information.

I am trying to tell my story for justice, not to brag or entertain people or make money. I want as many people as possible to know what happened. It was a horrible case of Intentional infliction of emotional distress, which almost ended in me committing suicide, but I couldn’t prove it because I am unknown and Palmer, Sting, Anderson and theirs friends are famous all over the world. But with the help of Pink Floyd and The Division Bell, fans were suppose to support me.

Very Important Note: There was something else going on for years that I didn’t know about until 2018. It was a shocking but true thing to find out though and more unbelievable than my main story. But I’m not suppose to mention who or what it’s about. It’s one of the reasons why Carl and his friends did what they did to me. They were afraid that I’d be in a better position where I’d be believed over them for sure. This has all gotten between me and this mystery person and he can’t vouch for me now because of this Enigma mess because he, Gilmour and the rest could get sued by Sting and Palmer for helping me to tell what happened. That’s why I need to be the one to tell it first and if my story in this website could be known, all could be free to speak about it. I’m working hard to get the truth and the story known..