Enigma clues in artwork and 11:11 secret

(Each section of this website is a chapter. Reading only one section without the others doesn’t tell you the story)

11:11 significance
The page numbers of The Division Bell’s CD booklet are written in various languages and printed on silhouettes of the head statues shown on the cover of the album.

Page 11 shows two head silhouettes. Printed on either one is the German word for eleven, “elf,” resulting in “elf elf,” or, “eleven eleven.”

The trailer for the 2009 film 11:11 features the song “High Hopes.”
“High Hopes” is the 11th track on The Division Bell.

The Page and Plant interview on 11-11-94
mentioning Pink Floyd and Emerson Snake & Charmer, the name the band YES jokingly called Emerson Lake & Palmer or ELP.

The release date of David Gilmour’s On An Island, March 6, 2006 is exactly eleven months and eleven years after the U.S. release date of The Division Bell, April 5, 1994.
On June 11, 1994, Publius made his first enigma post to the Pink Floyd newsgroup.

Eleven years later, on June 11, 2005, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright agreed to reunite as Pink Floyd for Live 8. During the broadcast (and as seen on the Live 8 DVD), the band took the stage just shortly after 11:00 p.m., and by 11:11, Pink Floyd were playing together as a four-man lineup for the first time in twenty four years.

New Clue as of February 2020

The Re-Edited and Restored Sorrow. The time is 11:11


11:11 ELF ELF Jon Anderson considers himself an elf. The F in ELF represents what CP is. So 11:11 represents the secret of Jon Anderson and Carl Palmer. And on the other side of the page is the artwork of a strange closed door.

Because of what Carl Palmer and Jon Anderson did to me, PF gave me their secrets
via the artwork in TDB. Everyone can see the clues.

Close up of ELF ELF on silhouettes
Man on the screen represents CP on the right from Asia in Moscow video at the end of it.
Other side of page with ELF ELF is a door.
TV eye…woman shadow can see who man on the screen represents

Another secret of his that I didn’t know…I can’t say who, but several years ago a musician told me a joke that other musicians have been secretly laughing about for years. Not many fans know it. When I heard it, it explained a whole lot!

“Which Progressive Rock band trio has 5 balls? Emerson, Lake & Palmer” I thought no wonder Carl always kept his underwear on even during the 3 seconds of so called intercourse. Maybe that was the reason his voice was high like a little girl. I thought it was cute back then, but not for a 21 year old man. I didn’t know about it years ago and didn’t see anything because he always managed to keep that body part hidden. He thought I knew that secret too and would tell that too.

Another secret I know about Carl is that he had a nose job. I met in 1971 and years later I notice how different he looked. At concerts during his drum solos in the very early years, he’d cover his face with his hair. And some videos have been edited during his solo where they show psychedelic lightshow of colors. Fans were complaining in YouTubes wondering why they did that. Some scenes were blocked out because he didn’t like the way he looked, and Carl hadn’t had his surgery yet. So the macho drummer wanted to look more like Peter Pan.

1970 Before and after 1973 …he had his hair cut real short so people would think it was just his hair that was different

Another secret….Below is a picture of Carl and Buddy Rich that Carl never shows anywhere. It’s almost impossible to find on the internet but I kept it for years. But why wouldn’t he want to show a pic of himself with his drum hero? Could it be the hand motion Buddy is making that might signify something? Or is it the mysterious man in the middle that is also in the photo below this one..whatever it is, he’s hiding something or someone.

Once again the mystery man lurking in the background.

Onto explaining more clues from The Division Bell artwork

Lost for Words artwork in lyrics booklet

Artwork for Lost for Words

The artwork for “Lost for Words” in TDB CD booklet shows boxing gloves on lumber
Joe Louis was one of, if not the greatest boxer of all time, he grew up in Detroit

The boxing glove on the left has 3 ties, the other has 4. At the time
The Division Bell was written there were 3 members of Pink Floyd.
This clue shows that the Enigma has ties to Michigan the glove or mitten state.
The glove with the 3 ties is the right handed glove or the “Right One”. Pink Floyd has ties to the “Right One”.
“Right One” are lyrics from the song “Lost for Words”
“Because there’ll be no safety in numbers when the Right One
walks out of the door” Right One is capitalize to show importance
The boxing glove was placed on the wood in a position where the knot on the wood in the upper left area could represent Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. The knot is on two pages which shows a line going down the center representing that there is an Eastern Upper Penninusla and a Westen Upper Peninsula.
White Pine Lumber
By 1880 the Great Lakes Region dominated logging, with Michigan producing more lumber than any other state.
White pine, the wood most in demand for construction in the 19th century, grew in abundance in northern Michigan forests. The state was also crisscrossed by a network of rivers which provided convenient transportation for logs to the sawmills and lake ports.
See below for YouTube videos explaining clues


Publius wrote:
“So now I have been given a task – as your “guide”- to begin pointing you in the right direction”
Top two images: In TDB CD booklet, point of flag on right hand glove. Michigan is shaped like a glove and is known as the mitten state.
Bottom two pics… In The Division Bell tour guide, the page with the flag held up to the light points to Detroit on the other side…man stands in between the I and the T…to show the clue ” it is Detroit”.
Publius writes “guide” in quotes…point and in the right direction. Those words are clues that guide you to the artwork. These clues were to guide fans in the right direction of my location Detroit, Michigan where all would be revealed. I had the story behind The Division Bell all along. When fans found me I was to tell the story behind The Division Bell lyrics and artwork, or the concept behind the album.

European Tour Guide – point of cape at the letter P….Man stands between the C and the P

The Division Bell European Tour guide
Page with cities listed held up to the light..cape on other side points to P (from Paris) and the man stands to the right of a C and under the P.

The Division Bell North American Tour guide
Page with cities listed held up to the light..cape points to DETROIT..man stands between the I and T. Clue being it is Detroit. I am from Detroit

I am from Detroit …..clue is in the North American tour guide
CP is from Europe and the clue is in the European Tour Guide. We are the two people that the steel heads represent. And the communication in the lyrics represents the conversation between us.

Image from TDB tour guide clear page with PF logo.
Turning over clear page with PF logo, reveals an ELP logo…PF represents the truth and the opposite of truth is lies.
Asia CCCP artwork compared to PF artwork from Marooned video
Closer look at Mural art from Pink Floyd Marooned video
Artwork from TDB Booklet and CP from an Asia video
Who the TDB heads represent….myself and CP
Mural artwork from Pink Floyd Marooned video
Clues were given in interviews.. this one above with Marc Brickman, lighting director for Pink Floyd gives the merry-go-round clue..

Cover art of the 1992 Emerson Lake & Palmer album “Black Moon” which includes Affairs of the Heart and Romeo and Juliette.

In the above image you see merry-go-round poles. During PF’s “Poles Apart” you hear a merry-go-round and a sound as if it comes to a stop.

Poles Apart lyrics speak from one to the other

In Poles Apart I’m speaking to CP asking did he ever realize he’d become legendary and that I wasn’t the only one he was running from. He was running from himself. He was leading the fans with his tambourine during his solos, but they were blind to his secrets. His steel drums reflected in his eyes as I stared at him. But with The Division Bell lyrics I thought of him and the years and the sadness he caused me all fell away from me.

It’s sad that the golden boy, youngest of the now legendary musicians who toured in the early 70’s, would lose that light in his eyes. I never thought he would. I can’t feel sorry anymore, it’s time for me to take it back. Take back the love I gave him over so many years.

With TDB lyrics and artwork, Pink Floyd is helping me to prove to fans that I’m credible with the story that I’m telling. There are clues that I show throughout this website that I explain.