NEW 2019 Enigma clue….David Gilmour & friends gave clues

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NEW…found this on January 25, 2020….

Face looking down at the word Publius in cryptic lettering …looks like the profile of David Gilmour. Like a jester of a riddle looking at the i in Publius and saying “I am Publius”.

The words Publius Enigma in Cryptic lettering from “The Endless River” film In the Later Years box set

Between the word Publius and Enigma is a symbol.. the above website wrote that it is an & sign…but I say it’s an 8 which is also a sign for infinity. In this instance infinity stands for Endless as in “Endless Enigma”

An 8 in between the words Publius Enigma, stands for infinity, which is endless, and Endless Enigma is a song by the band Emerson Lake & Palmer.. in this website I tell about my relationship with Carl Palmer, drummer of that group and what he did to me and how Pink Floyd helped me know the truth about what he was doing. Through music and artwork Pink Floyd especially David Gilmour, brought me back to life from a horrid ordeal caused by Carl, Sting and Jon Anderson. There is also a song by Emerson Lake & Palmer entitled “Infinite Space”.


In The Division Bell story chapter of this website, I talk about The Domino clues from The Pulse concert during Keep Talking that I believe came from David Gilmour. See image below.. but this time I’m pointing out the word HI that comes across the screen. I took this as a personal message to me. Today I found another HI message in the NEW Publius Enigma clue from Endless River film.

See below…once again, in a new clue, the word HI is shown. Wow… just found that today. 1/31/2020. To me, it’s a direct message from Gilmour again…all clues are for the fans, but the HI is for me.

All along the clues were given as proof to assure fans of my story, get the story in the media, and help me to finally get justice. I have to be the one to tell it directly, they can’t.


From Another Brick in the Wall part 2….the last one is from Pulse in the Later Years boxset. You can barely see it.

It’s obvious they want fans to investigate.. well I’m here telling it.

There may be many more clues in the Later Years Box set, but I’ll leave that for the fans to find.


David Gilmour interview Guitar World Magazine 1995

Link to interview:


Gilmour: “Detroit (where the revived Dark Side of the Moon debuted) was a real high emotional moment”. Most shows we’d say “Let’s put a different song in the first half. Let’s change the order around a bit”. After Detroit we’d throw Dark Side in sometimes.”

After The Division Bell concert in Detroit, I wondered where I could tell the story. Then I saw the above magazine article interview with Gilmour and found out where people were discussing the Publius Enigma and knew that’s where i needed to go.

The photo above, from the magazine article, shows Gilmour’s quote in red. And the i’s aren’t capitalized. The only word that is capitalized is Publius. “i know nothing whatsoever of this Publius character. i was told people are hunting for something, but i don’t know what it is”. Right under “it is” is the word Detroit. (There are more Detroit clues in the artwork of TDB which I discuss later). I don’t know who was involved in the page layout, but to me it’s an obvious clue since I’m from Detroit, know the story behind TDB and PF were helping me to tell it with lyrics, artwork and clues. And the fact that Pink Floyd chose Detroit first to play DSOTM live after many years. Clues were planted on the pages. It’s like Gilmour was Publius and he organized the clue for the magazine. He mentioned Detroit twice and that it was a real high emotional moment there. I was sitting front row directly in front of him.
But why can’t Pink Floyd admit to anything or tell the story? I have to be the one to tell it. The lyrics, artwork and clues reveal things about other musicians from other bands. I can interpret it, as I knew some of the those musicians personally and what they did with music. The Division Bell tells my story with lyrics and the artwork tells my story with images. The Publius Enigma clues point to my location Detroit, Michigan. The Publius messages give clues that point to the artwork in the TDB that point to my city. The Publius Enigma was invented so that when fans found my location, they’d find me and I was to tell them the story behind TDB. No musicians can talk about any of it because the story reveals truths that other musicians don’t want fans to know.

It’s been 25 years since this all started. I gave up talking about it all and it was difficult to keep to myself. People didn’t believe me and I’m back again trying to tell it. How could I possibly make up a story that fits lyrics, artwork and clues? This is a huge story that musicians, and Enigma seekers all over the world are waiting for, but I can’t get it in the media. When this doesn’t get into the media, fans continue to believe that Pink Floyd had failed them and that the Enigma was a hoax, which it wasn’t. I’m not looking for money or notoriety. The story behind The Division Bell needs to be told, so that it will be known that David Gilmour and others helped someone in a huge way to get justice.

Regarding the album Gilmour said…

“I really like ‘The Division Bell’ myself, although I wouldn’t say it’s an immediate album. You have to put a bit of work in to get out of it the riches that are there.”

  • David Gilmour –

Regarding “Rattle that Lock” a studio album by David Gilmour written between 2010 and 2015. Gilmour stated
“It encourages people to stand up for themselves and shake it about a bit”.

Sean Heisler, an Enigma hunter, interviewed Steve O’Rourke. Pink Floyd manager

Q: Do you then know of any “puzzle” at all — if you are not affiliated with it at all do you know if there is a sort of a puzzle?
A: I’m sure that someone will get to it at the end.
Q: So there is some sort of a puzzle?
A: I’m sure, I’m sure that someone will get somewhere at the end of it.
Q: At the end of it?
A: Yes, I’m sure someone will. It seems to me there’s far too much ah, going on in this, for it to be of no value whatsoever. I am sure there is something at the end of it. However, I do know that Pink Floyd, myself, or Marc Brickman…
Q: Or Nick Mason?

Steve O’Rourke gives the clue of “someone will get to it at the end” meaning the American tour program cities page held up to the light points to the IT at the end of DETROIT”

At the end, and at the end of it, are clues for other things you’ll see in this website. The clues from that interview point to clues in TDB artwork. Most clues given by Publius and others point to others clues as not to be too direct. The band had to be careful not to be too direct. Fans were looking for direct answers during these types of interviews. They didn’t know they were being given clues during the interviews, clues that point to other clues that reveal answers.

Back page of TDB tour guide
Page opposite the last page

On the back page of TDB tour guide, you see 3 flags and men carrying them, but the first man is out of the picture. Hold that page up to the light and where the man should be, the name Storm Thorgerson is shown and next to his name reads Programme Design. He designed the tour guide, so he obviously put the clue about himself in there.

The artwork that Storm created gives the clue and shows that he was a part of the circle of friends who knew about the Enigma.

He was Pink Floyd’s Graphic designer and music video director. He was a teenage friend of David Gilmour and best man at Gilmour’s wedding to Polly Sampson in 1994.

David Gilmour released a statement describing him as “a constant force in my life, both at work and in private, a shoulder to cry on, and a great friend”. A post on the official Pink Floyd website called him a “graphic genius”. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason said that he was a “tireless worker right up to the end”.


Douglas Adams, who was a friend of David Gilmour and who sadly passed away in 2001, gave “The Division Bell” its name.

When Douglas Adams wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, he added a central joke which has become more famous over the years than the novel itself: “The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.”

The clues in the Publius messages, TDB tour guide, TDB CD booklet, and David Gilmour interview point to Detroit and Michigan. Publius was directing fans to that location where all would be revealed….The latitude of Michigan is 42 degrees 0′ north.

I’m from the Detroit area of Michigan and I always had the story behind TDB.

Fans were to find me by way of the Publius messages, then I was to reveal the story behind The Division Bell.

I had stopped trying to tell the story for years because fans didn’t believe me. Then I heard this song and knew I had to try again.. I interpret the lyrics below.

Dancing Right in front of me ..lyrics by David Gilmour

“Maybe I should have shown you a clearer plainer truth
That doesn’t care about summer and less about youth”
Gilmour says that he should have shown an easier way to tell the story because the Enigma had failed. A way that talks less of the youth as in the song High Hopes.

“Now in this silence what more is there to do
Something has broken in me and in you”
I had been silent about the Enigma for years because fans in the newsgroup didn’t believe me and they mocked me horribly and caused me so much pain that it was better to stop talking. But he’s telling me there is more to do and I have to Keep Talking about what happened.

“In watchful dependence a satellite spins
Cautiously circling the space that I’m in
It’s bouncing me signals – distorted by time
And I’m stuck here waiting for the stars to align”

Here he is saying he’s being watched carefully
And can’t say or do anything, but that he’s waiting for
other musicians (stars) to help guide me to tell it.
(In 2018 there was a tour called “Stars Align” with Paul Rodgers,
Ann Wilson, Jeff Beck)

“Dancing right in front of me, all the lives I once could see
Slipping to and slipping fro, disappearing
Who’s to know where they have gone – just out of sight
Into the shadows of my night
Who started out as stars in my eyes”

Here he’s talking about the concerts…
In 1994 for TDB concert, I had a front row seat and I was right in front of him
And he wonders where the fans have gone from the newsgroup that
stopped talking about the Enigma.
And that the fans started out as stars in his eyes..when fans would hold
up lighters in the dark it would look like stars in the sky.

“There’s a wide horizon, go on now take a chance
Your star is shining it lights a brighter path
It’s all there inside you, take one day at a time
Reeling, freewheeling, I want to watch you fly”

Here Gilmour is telling me to take a chance and tell the story
And that the story, lyrics and clues are all here inside me
And although it’s long, I should take one day at a time telling it
He wants me to feel free enough to tell it and not worry about
how people may not believe me
He wants me to be free of the story and secrets…so I can fly, be in the media, and he wants to see me when I do. The whole song is so obvious to me and why he’s stuck not being able to say much, that I knew he had to say it was about other things.

He commented to Mojo: “It’s a hard thing to try to write
something that means something to you. Reflecting an idea of what
you want and hope, for your kids, and to try to not become mawkish
or hectoring.”

At 1:12:54

on July 17, 1994 at the East Rutherford show, day before the words “Publius Enigma” were shown in lights, Gilmour changed “Breathe” lyrics.
Instead of “balanced on the biggest wave” he sang “spark it on the biggest wave”

This was the very next concert after I had seen them..

“spark it” means to light a joint.
I asked Gilmour if he wanted a joint in 1973..

The story;

After a concert on June 23, 1973 at Olympia in Detroit, on the DSOTM tour, I was helping my friend Chris Adamson, equipment mgr, with taking the tape off the cables on the concert floor. I was winding up a cable and I found myself on stage and that was a bit freaky. But it was late and I figured the band had left. I was taking a microphone off a stand and then I knelt down. I heard something and looked to my right and saw Gilmour who then kicked his foot right through the bass drum head. I thought wow he’s I asked him “Do you want a joint” And he said “No”. Earlier that night much of the PA system had been wiped out”. In the magazine “Sound on Stage March ’97 Alan Parsons recalls it “By mistake, the flashpots at the front of the stage had been filled twice with explosives. The result was a double strength explosion, which ended up injuring several people in the front row. And it destroyed about 60% of the horns and bins”.

So, I guess Gilmour was very mad because of that reason.
I wrote about it in my letters to Carl in 1992 and 93.
I knew Gilmour had gotten my letters because of other reasons, but this was proof to others that he did. Changing those lyrics was a message to me and proof for me to show others.

It was a shame he didn’t join Roger, Nick and Rick at a get together one night with my girlfriends.
It was fun, Roger read to us from a Monty Python book and we all sang “the Lumberjack song” Nothing weird happened it was all perfectly normal and friendly.
I talked with Rick Wright the most and he was soft spoken and very nice.

This is the book the Roger Waters held and read to us and we all sang the Lumberjack song.

I’m still here with this website telling it, and fans are reading more every day
But until the media tells it, or I publish a book, my wings are tied down. Maybe if enough fans get it around, the media will pick it up.

See the chapter called U2 Blackout and Robert Plant “In the light”
And read about the support I’m getting to help me get justice and to be believed…thank you

Once again the 2019 Publius Enigma clue and messages