Publius Enigma clues revealed also Building a Mystery

(Each section of this website is a chapter. Reading only one section without the others doesn’t tell you the story)

Publius was angry at some fans in the newsgroup for not opening their minds.

Publius wrote: July 24, 1994

An integral part of solving this enigma is a willingness to
imagine and speculate creatively. While some of you still seem
resistant to engage in such endeavors, I have no further
inclination to try and prove a claim you will simply never choose
to accept – regardless of what efforts I undertake to convince you
otherwise. I am not willing to engage in a futile battle with
skeptics. You will either have to contend with what proof has been
supplied or return to your regular newsgroup dialogue and discuss
whatever matters you feel secure are within your complete sphere of
understanding. Sadly, there will be no part in the enigma for you.
Stand aside, and let those who have demonstrated the incentive to
embrace this challenge with an eager and open mind pass by
unencumbered by your flames and arrows.


Did the fans communicate with each other in the newsgroup? Not much
Did they even do what Publius said? No
Did fans let fans speak freely without hindrance? No
So the fans unknowingly failed Pink Floyd..they are the reason the Enigma went nowhere.

Seeing is believing with most people, but in this enigma fans need to believe it and then they’ll see it. Fans still wonder what happened to the Enigma and say Pink Floyd failed them or it was for records sales. But it failed because fans didn’t believe in something that was difficult to believe in. They didn’t call it an Enigma for nothing.

After Publius stopped posting to the Pink Floyd newsgroup, a new messenger took his place and posted many messages..

The Genesis message from 9-15-97

If this started many years ago, where were you? As before2,numbers are
important, use PULSE to understand their significance. Listen and
hear the difference. If you follow the new “breathe”, you’re
listening like never before. It can be seen, it can be heard, but
needs to better understood. A sharpe eye may even see the ringing of
a new bell.+ What’s the difference? Why is this important? We will
all know in time=3D
You are closer than ever before, best wishes to all.

On 8-19-97 “Building a Mystery” by Sarah McLaughlin was released.
I mentioned to (now defunct) that it seemed like something that would be connected to
the Enigma. Genesis wrote that we may see the ringing of a new bell, I think he
meant new music.

In the song “Building a Mystery” are the lyrics ” a cross from a faith that died
before Jesus came” in the above Genesis post is a + (cross). A cross from Genesis.

I knew there was a mysterious video to that song, and I wanted to see if I could
find something that was connected to the Enigma.
During the video when the lyrics “a cross from a faith that died before Jesus came”
are sung…you see two buildings with lights on them and they resemble Dominoes.
So the building is the mystery itself and the answer is Dominoes. It’s one of many clues directing us to the song by Syd Barrett.

Screenshot from Building a Mystery video

The first name of the actor in the video is David and he represents Sarah’s
boyfriend. In the song are the lyrics “a beautiful fucked up man”. And in Pink Floyd’s
“Lost for words” David Gilmour sings “but they tell me to please go fuck myself” and Gilmour is a beautiful man.

See this website for Genesis posts

Several times in his messages, Genesis referred to me and wrote sharp or Sharpe eye (my last name is Sharpe and I used it in the newsgroup)

From the Genesis messages

Close up of the mirror ball artwork in the lyrics Booklet

If you look at the face in the squares of the mirror ball you will see an S shape around the Eye.
Personal email from the messenger Genesis answering my question

In the Pink Floyd newsgroup, Genesis asked fans to send him a question and he would reply. I already knew the story behind The Division Bell, but like everyone else, I had no idea who Publius or Genesis was. But I knew the Publius Enigma was set up to help fans find my location so I could tell the story. So for proof of what I knew, I asked Genesis “Who does Pink Floyd communicate to through The Division Bell lyrics and artwork?” And his response was “YOU!!!”.

I also wrote that if he was in communication with Gilmour, tell him I said Hi and that I hope he has new music coming soon. I received Genesis’ reply on March 6, 2006, which is the day the David Gilmour album “On and Island” was released. Also March 6th is David Gilmour’s Birthday.

Genesis couldn’t just tell me the answer, so he gave me clues to give to fans. They needed to find the clues themselves. So he gave me the clues and told me to share them with all that seek the solution. He wrote “what were you thinking the first time your eyes and ears opened up to Pink Floyd in general” “What were you doing and where were you?” “you can surely connect the dots to one of the strongest and abundant clues given by <<<THEMESSAGE>>

When I first learned about Pink Floyd it was Syd Barrett’s music that I listened to and I was living in Detroit. Then he wrote “You can surely connect the dots”. Connecting Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett and dots, the answer would be Dominoes. That is a song by Syd Barrett.

And in the song “Dominoes” are lyrics that ask the question “Don’t you want to see her proof?” That is what the fans needed to do…see my proof by listening to me explain the clues in the artwork that help tell the story behind The Division Bell. Pink Floyd knew I wouldn’t be believed on my own just telling the story, so they invented the Publius Enigma so fans would find the clues that point to me and my location and then I would tell the story and show the proof by explaining the clues as I’m doing here with this website. Unfortunately, the fans didn’t find the clues that point to my location, and if some did, they didn’t believe me. I was already telling the story when Publius was giving clues, but fans didn’t believe me

So the location is Detroit Michigan. And you will see clues of that throughout this website. Also Dominoes is the solution. And I’ve explained many Dominoes clues throughout this website.

The clues given by the band had to be obscure and difficult to unravel because of the reasons I show in this website. It was not easy, but with so many fans searching, it should have been made known. Most fans from the Pink Floyd newsgroup gave up after they mocked and slandered me horribly using sick vulgar words on the internet. (That group is now defunct). In 1995 I told the fans that if they didn’t believe me then they would have nothing. So it’s been 25 years now and people think it’s unsolved.

I gave up talking because I was angry at the fans and I wanted them to search in vain as they still are today on the newgroup. I still post in that group now. After all I had went through struggling trying to tell them I got cancer and battled that for a couple years and the chemo left me with progressing nerve disease. Now that I’m 67 years old, I don’t want to take the story to my grave, and I have to be the one to tell it. I want to try telling it again and because more clues and more bands are participating in the Enigma and I’m getting help. This is a bizarre and unbelievable thing, but there really is magic in music and that’s the reason it’s so hard to tell and be believed. The Division Bell communicates a message, as the members of Pink Floyd have said. What is the message and to whom does it communicate? That is what I’m trying to tell.

The fact that I can find so many clues and explain them all and that they fit the story is my proof. It can’t be coincidence or made up, it’s too intricate. And I have no desire to make a name for myself, but it all needs to be told and get into the media. People are still waiting to know.