High Hopes – Annie Lennox reveals truth about Sting

(Each section of this website is a chapter. Reading only one section without the others, doesn’t tell you the story)

Before I continue onto The Division Bell part of the story, see in the video below how Annie Lennox gave Sting some of his own medicine and he’s not too happy about it. Annie made a surprise appearance during his Polar music prize banquet 2017. At first, Sting seems quite surprised and happy about it.
The audience has no idea what is going on and Annie has very kind words for him. But she lets his own song speak for her. And Sting knows it and his facial expressions prove it.

She said “There’s only one song out of your amazing catalog. I think you know what it’s going to be” then he acts like he doesn’t know. Annie said “It jumped out at me and I have to play this song of yours”
It’s his song “Fragile” that was released in 1987, ten years after the song C’est la Vie by Emerson Lake & Palmer was released. It has the same melody, but a slightly faster tempo. If you’re reading my other chapters you’ll read how I interpret C’est la vie and how Carl Palmer used it in the ELP “Welcome Back” video that I’m in and how it was meant to cause emotional distress. My first words to Carl were “Do do goo goo da da” because I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I talked baby talk. Sting used almost my exact words. Stings own facial expressions prove his guilt. And of course “Fields of Gold” was later used to continue what Carl was doing to me.
I talk more about him and music in another chapter. “Every breath you take” really is a stalking song and the video clips prove it.

When Annie sings “Like tears from a star”
During the lyrics “When flesh and steel are one”

Look at his angry face when Annie starts singing “Fragile” and sings “when flesh and steel are one”. Stings old song happens to describe “The Division Bell” steel heads which represent people or flesh. I think those lyrics were used when creating the idea of the steel heads.

And Annie’s sad look when she sings “Like tears from a star”. She seems to have a tear in her eye. Like tears from a rock star. “Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away, but something in our minds will always stay” like what Sting did with music to cause me horrid distress will be washed away, but in the minds of musicians, it will always stay.
So his own song and his facial expression tells the tale and Annie Lennox sang it to him to cause his reaction and now it helps me to explain what he did. Thank you Annie!

Annie surprises Sting, he’s not too happy about what his own song reveals
An angry star indeed..

The sound of a bee buzzing at the beginning of High Hopes. As the man looks across a field at Ely Cathedral. Bee buzzing (Sting) a field (Fields of Gold) Ely Cathedral (Sting home which is a castle). Reading the other chapters is the only way to understand Stings’s involvement and how he used music to intentionally cause emotional harm because I know too much. Pink Floyd give clues about Sting in their music and videos to help me tell what Sting did with his.

Beginning of High Hopes video

Sting looking out the window at a tree during Fields of Gold video….man looking across the Field at what represents Stings castle

With images, Sting uses the lyrics “in a tree by the brook there’s a songbird who sings”
From the High Hopes video man in teachers gown spinning a wheel…on the right Sting from “If I ever lose my faith in you” Sting (a teacher in the early 70’s) spinning a wheel.

“Underneath the wheels of passion, I’ll keep my faith in my fashion” lyrics from “When we dance”

The above image is from the video “If I ever lose my faith in you” from Stings “Ten Summoners Tales” March 1993, but the lyrics below it, that fit the image so well, are from “When we dance” released in November 1994. That song was released after “The Division Bell”. Sting is replying back to Pink Floyd. It’s obvious that he knows that Pink Floyd is referring to him and his video with their wheel references about him. So in his newer lyrics in “When we dance” He refers back to his wheel with the crosses and says “Underneath the wheels of passion I’ll keep my faith in my fashion” meaning he’ll keep his faith in his own way of using music. Also in the song are the lyrics “Cathedral are broken” which refers to Ely Cathedral which is pictured between the mouths of the two steel heads on the cover of The Division Bell. The cathedral represents his home which is a castle. And the two heads lie in a field…representing “as we lie in Fields of Gold”. By communicating back to Pink Floyd, he proves they wrote about him in the first place. There really was a battle of words going on with lyrics. If I can tell what was communicated to me by both sides, I know when both sides are communicating to each other.

And in the High Hopes video, the wheel eventually falls onto the field of gold.
3 red flags raise awareness of danger ahead

To “raise a red flag” is to alert as to potential danger or trouble ahead, the origin being that red flags are often literally used to warn people of possible danger.

TDB is about communication and red flags are a warning indicating danger or trouble ahead in the communication from Sting in his song “Fields of Gold.” The communication from his castle is “dangerous but irresistible” as the lyrics in Coming Back to Life tell.

3 red flags represent the 3 members of PF raising awareness to that fact.

Sting spins in a circle.. takes a jab at Robert Plant with a feather in “If I ever lose my faith in you”
Robert Plant’s symbol in Led Zeppelin is a Feather in a circle.

In the “Dangerous and irresistible” chapter, I tell how Sting and Carl Palmer used the lyrics from “Stairway to Heaven” to push me even further and make it even more confusing for me to tell. It was very creepy. But Robert Plant and Jimmy Page found out what they did and they gave Enigma clues to help me tell it and to be believed over Sting and Palmer. In other chapters I tell how Plant and others helped and continue to help, so I can finally get justice. Musicians can only help me with clues. I have tons of clues, but fans are still hesitant to believe, I guess. Pink Floyd didn’t call it an Enigma for nothing. It’s difficult to tell.

Sting thumbs his nose with a two faced mask. Most likely at Plant
Body language tells everything. Robert was not about to shake Stings hand, but he did laugh at him. (Page shakes Claptons hand which is normal and friendly)
Once again, Plant laughs at Sting..clue being Sting is a joke and don’t believe him
Man unleashes white balloons with PF logos on them
Sting from Fields of Gold video
Balloons (represent PF Fans) are headed towards Sting.

The white balloons in High Hopes represent the Pink Floyd fans…How do I know? See below..

This is a picture of me with the long brown hair, “with friends surrounded”. From 1971 in a park in London. I sent this pic along with many letters to CP.
From the High Hopes video friends in a circle holding balloons.
From The Division Bell tour guide. The most important picture of any artwork. David Gilmour, a tree and a balloon.. which means Gilmour tells the truth to Fans about the tree. And he wants fans to spread the story behind The Division Bell worldwide, and the truth about how Sting and others used music to cause someone great harm.
David Gilmour is the hero and fans need to know and tell the world what happened.
That same image that was used in the photo with Gilmour was also used as the artwork for the song Take it Back.

The song “Take it Back” has two meanings. It can mean that the “she” is Mother Nature. But as I’ve said all along, the band had to be very careful not to be too obvious with lyrics as they are talking about other musicians and what they did. The other meaning that pertains to TDB story is that she will tell what happened. That I will take back the love I had for Palmer and tell what he and his friends, Sting, ELP and Jon Anderson did to me, so I can get justice.

During the Take it Back video. It may seems strange but if you know my story, you’ll understand why I was so happy to see this. It was like Gilmour was coming to cut Sting’s Tree down and erasing the emotional hurt Fields of Gold caused.

At the end of the video, the girl looks in the mirror and gives a sigh of relief.

In this website I talk about when I was so emotionally beat up like in “wearing the inside out” and looking in the mirror I scared myself, because I looked so bad. But now like the girl in the video, I’m giving a sigh of relief because with this website I’m taking it back and fans are reading. It’s been so many years that I’ve kept this to myself because people didn’t believe me when I did tell it, but now they do.

Thank you to everyone reading and believing. And let’s get this story out worldwide because that’s what David Gilmour and many other musicians want. The truth must be told. Music was used to cause great harm, and with the help of Pink Floyd’s music and artwork, I’m better able to tell what happened to be believed.

“Lest we forget how Fragile we are”

In The Division Bell CD booklet for the lyrics to “Take it Back”, the word God is shown as G-d. Enigma hunters have been debating why that was done. Some said it is out of reverence for God, but then why use it all, if that’s the case.

Today I happened to see that the song “Fields of gold” was in the key of D Major. So I researched that and found that the song has many G and D chords.

So I believe that the G-d clue was given to point to the guitar chords in the song Fields of Gold. David Gilmour, who of course knows guitar chords, is the obvious person that would know that. And of course that clue goes along with the clue on the cover of TDB with the steel heads lying in a field of gold color.

“And G-d know I’ve tried” shows that David Gilmour knows. The o is taken out in God and reverse the letters and you have dG which are his initials.

In the song “Take it Back” it shows that when Gilmour sings “and G-d knows I’ve tried” that DG is speaking lyrically from someone else’s point of view about Gilmour. That person knows that Gilmour knows. It is from the point of view of Carl Palmer who is represented by one of The Division Bell steel heads.

The song “Take it Back” is communication from Carl to me. As the lyrics in “Coming back to Life” represents the communication from me to Carl..