P.U.L.S.E – Breathe (in the air)

Today June 6, 2019 is the 24th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s “Pulse”.

Yesterday June 5th, the Pink Floyd official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages wrote messages that Pulse was released on that day in 1995. But, it was released on 6-6-95 did they make a mistake or was it intentional to catch your attention. No one else noticed it. Below is the press release from 1995 showing the 6-6-95 date.

The following are all “Breathe (in the air)” song performances.
The fans job is to compare the vocals of each of these four.

Pink Floyd Pulse Breathe 1995 https://youtu.be/hXPRCIZgDEs

Pink Floyd Live 8 last reunion 2005 https://youtu.be/ZZ5a4il8A7M

David Gilmour Live in Gdansk 2006 https://youtu.be/lR562aZLkBM

David Gilmour Remember that night 2007 https://youtu.be/9ZdyzAKU3cY

Also on the American tour in 2006, there are some fan youtubes which may also be the same.

If you find that they are basically the same vocally and that you do hear a woman’s voice singing along with Gilmour, you are correct. It’s a recording from the Detroit show on the Division Bell tour. They used that recording in all of those Breathe performances. Whether they are singing along or lip-synching, its a recording. And the woman’s voice is mine.

I was sitting front row center directly in front of David Gilmour. In the 70’s I’d be at concerts and would sing it far away hoping that my voice would carry to the stage. So this was my chance to really sing along with Gilmour.

When I listened to “Breathe” (in the air) on ‘Pulse’ for the first time, I was shocked! I didn’t know who to call or what to do, or how to prove it..I told the fans in the newsgroup, but they didn’t believe me and they just laughed at me.

Since the Publius Enigma wasn’t working as planned, and fans didn’t find my location, Gilmour gave me a prize by using my voice in the song. It’s suppose to prove that The Division Bell was written to help me from a horrible time in 92 and 93, that I talk about throughout this website. How he captured my voice from the audience I don’t know, but I was close and sang loud. It does sound far away and strange, especially on the word fly. When I sang the word ground, from “choose your own ground” I didn’t pronounce the letter d. I sang groun. And in one of the videos Jon Carin who is shown lip-synching my part, pushes the mic away at point. They had to show someone else singing backup, because then that would be too obvious.
In the newsgroup I wasn’t sure yet and said that Jon Carin is also singing. But at Live 8, Carin was hidden in the smoke. Above the band it read “No More Excuses” I also had no more excuses to say it was Jon Carin singing, when he wasn’t even shown during that song and Rick wasn’t singing either.That’s the show where they gave the clue of 11:11 that I explain in another chapter.

On David Gilmour live in Pompeii, they only played “Breathe Reprise” which comes after the song “Time”, although some listings on YouTube show that Breathe (in the air) was included, but it wasn’t.

During the lyrics “the sun” during “Breathe” in 3 performances, there is a camera shot from behind the drums. My user name in the early days of the newsgroup was “thesun” and I was a drummer. Before the Division Bell even came out I realized that the sun was helping me with some of the depression, fear and isolation that Carl Palmer along with his friends Sting, Jon Anderson and others caused because I know too much about their past personally and musically.

During “the sun” lyrics on Breathe in Pulse
During “the sun” lyrics in Breathe during Live 8
During “the sun” lyrics of Breathe Live in Gdansk

Another clue from another one of my helpful musician friends, Paul Rodgers, gives a “Breathe in” clue on the same day Pink Floyd announces the Pulse anniversary..
They want me to be believed and are helping me.

Something I made today to celebrate the Pulse anniversary.

At the Detroit concert, where I sang Breathe, I wore a t shirt that I hand painted a big sun on it and the DSOTM pulse all around the bottom of it. I remember David Gilmour looking down at it. I wondered why.

Clues musician friends give me now still have to remain very obscure. I have to be the one to get this story out into the media before they can say anything. In this website I tell what Sting, Carl Palmer, Jon Anderson and others did with music, so I can get justice.
So it’s kind of an explosive story and my friends have to careful. We don’t trust those guys. It’s a real Us and Them battle of words and clues.

“Let her breathe in the air” Roger Waters “Wait for her”

NEW…..June 8, 2019, the Official Pink Floyd Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages posted about the 25th anniversary of The Division Bell. But they made a mistake again. It read that The Division Bell was the last Pink Floyd studio album that Rick Wright was featured on. The Endless River from 2014 was the last Pink Floyd studio album that Rick Wright was featured on, posthumously.