Page & Plant gave Enigma clues

Please read other chapters in this website, to get the full story otherwise you won’t know what I’m talking about below.

Besides using their own music and videos, Sting and my so called old friend Carl Palmer of ELP also used Stairway to Heaven lyrics and imagery to haunt and torment me because I know too much about them and they didn’t want me telling their secrets (which I’m doing with this website). They knew that I had met Led Zeppelin years ago, particularly Robert Plant. They thought that I was still in contact with friends of Robert’s and that I could ask him what they were doing. So they used Robert’s own lyrics to scare me away from him. And very sadly, it worked.

(I talk about how they used the song in other chapters here) Thinking about that old song made me afraid to approach Robert and ask him what was going on. But it’s the one thing I should have done and I wouldn’t be here today trying to tell it all. I knew Robert Plant wouldn’t hurt anybody, it was Stairway that I was afraid of and afraid that he’d play it if I went to see him. I wasn’t sure at the time if Robert knew about what they were doing. But he couldn’t say then and he still can’t now, I have to tell it. There could be huge lawsuits, if I don’t get the story out first. He can only give clues to help me be believed. Everybody knows that he doesn’t like Stairway. And that is why.

I’m not exactly sure when I heard it on the radio, but it was something about Robert paying a radio station not to play “Stairway to Heaven” and that the band wouldn’t be playing it anymore, something like that..But whatever it was that I heard, I was sitting on the sofa and jumped to my feet and hands in the air and yelled “YEAH”. It was so cool to think that they might know what was going on too and I had more support. I posted a magazine clipping below of Page and Plant and the quote at the bottom by Robert Plant “Stairway to Heaven was a great piece for a period of time. But it’s so sanctimonious and redundant. It doesn’t make any sense”. I noticed right away that they did not look happy and their hands were clenched. I would imagine that if someone used my song and lyrics to hurt someone, I’d be angry too.

above..Quote by Robert Plant about Stairway.

By him getting it out in the media more now about the song, it’s help for me to get my story across. I’ve told all the Pink Floyd fans about how The Division Bell tells what happened, but I still can’t get the story in the media. Robert wants me to tell what Sting and Palmer did and how they used his lyrics. He wants me to get justice and that’s what I’ve been trying to do with this website.


His song The Enchanter describes the cover of Pink Floyd’s Pulse album Along with Pink Floyd and others, he’s been trying to help me for years. There were clues in the Publius messages about Page and Plant. See below.

On November 28, 1994 Publius wrote:

My friends,

As you know, I’ve been monitoring the

latest discourse – remarkable indeed!

Your newsgroup’s resourcefulness –

and knowlEdge of subjects (from

physics to geography) is quite

reassuring.  Be sure, this caliber

of analysis is the means to the enigma

solution and the way to track a Path to the

Plunder!  For all this hard work, none

discouraged Among you, I hope!


By this time, most of you have seen the recent

Pink Floyd communiques as further prOof of the

enigma’s authenticity.  However, I wonder if

there aren’t more Signals that have yeT to

be discovered…

And, I also wonder if the essence of my eaRlier

statement “there is much more to this enigma

than just a castle and field in England” has

truly been noted…

Lastly, let me point out another Area of

verbiage I’ve found quite revealing:

  Now life devalues day be day

  As friends and neighbours turn away

Continued Luck in your pursuit!

    – Publius

In that Publius message, odd letters EOSTRA were capitalized. An anagram of EOSTRA is ORATES which means speaks..

Path to Plunder…the 2 P’s are capitalized..

Publius is directing followers to other signals given by other musicians as further proof.

In November 1994, Page & Plant gave interviews and were on a publicity tour to promote the Unledded  “No Quarter” album and tour.

Path & Plunder ORATES were clues for Page & Plant Speak

In an interview from 11-11-94 Robert Plant mentions Pink Floyd

and Emerson Snake & Charmer which is a name that the band YES would call Emerson Lake & Palmer. (11:11 is also a clue see that section)

And in that Publius post with the clues about the Page & Plant interview,

it reads “let me point out another Area of

verbiage I’ve found quite revealing”

Robert Plant points to a point from the No Quarter album cover in the 94 interview

The point of the cape in TDB tour guide was a big clue. Held up to the light it points to Detroit, where I’m from.

The letter A in Page and Plant are points

In the Publius message, Area is capitalized to show importance of the letter A. On the cover of “No Quarter” the A of Plant and Page looks like a point because it’s not completed.

And during the interview Plant points to an area behind him that resembles the point in TDB artwork where the cape on one side of the page points to Detroit on the other side when held up to the light. Clues were obviously planted on the cover of “No Quarter”

The names Page and Plant were clues in themselves,

as clues were planted on the pages of TDB artwork, tour guide

and Gilmour interview in Guitar World Magazine.

The song “No Quarter” was written by John Paul Jones, Page and Plant.

But, Jones who wasn’t included in the Page & Plant album or tour project named “No Quarter”, wasn’t even told about the reunion and the song was largely his work. So it would seem that Page & Plant were in on the Enigma with Pink Floyd and keeping it secret. So for that to be true the Enigma would be much bigger than most people even realize. And it is.

At the 1995 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Led Zeppelin, the audience laughed when Robert Plant recalled a rehearsal place in London. “It was a pretty shitty place. It belonged to Emerson Lake & Palmer. But, we got a good rate on it Ha!”