U2 “Blackout”

Please read the other chapters in this website for the whole story.

The reason for musicians helping me by giving me these clues, is for me to show them to fans as proof that my story is the truth. But musicians can’t say anything directly right now, I have to be the one to tell the story.

In this website I show how more musicians have joined forces with Pink Floyd and are helping me to be believed and to tell the story behind The Division Bell and get justice from what Sting, Carl Palmer and Jon Anderson did to me using music, videos, phone calls, mail and weirdness because I know too much about them and they didn’t want me telling it. They tried to destroy me with lies in love songs. They made me believe Carl loved me after many years then they laughed. Sting and Anderson helped Carl to intentionally inflict emotion distress upon me. I almost committed suicide. In the 80’s Sting used actual words I said to Carl and details of our relationship for his songs. I talk about it in other chapters in this website. Some of the songs are Stings trademark signature songs and he doesn’t want anyone to know how years ago he stole words and actions of an innocent girl and used them to get rich. And Carl doesn’t want me telling what I know about him and Jon Anderson because it could hurt both their careers.

Below is support from U2 and Robert Plant

From Spin magazine online Aug. 22, 2018. “Several U2 fan club members report they’ve received a mysterious letter from the band, apparently promoting “Blackout,” a rumored title of an unreleased U2 song.

The letters include a paragraph about William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, the collection of poetry that inspired the titles of U2’s 2014 album Songs of Innocence and its forthcoming counterpart, Songs of Experience. Most of the text is blocked out by a silhouette of Bono’s son and the Edge’s daughter, revealing only the words, “Blackout … It’s … clear … who … you are … will … appear … U2.com.”

At the bottom of the page, a partially blacked-out line of text reads, “U2 will announce — on.

Fans who have reported receiving the letter are located in Tennessee, Nebraska, Kansas City, and Charlotte, all of which were either in or very close to the path of a solar eclipse. This all brought to mind the last song on the Pink Floyd album ‘Dark Side of the moon’ album called ‘Eclipse’ and the last lyrics ” but the sun is eclipsed by the moon”

Uproxx News reported “U2 Used The Solar Eclipse To Tease A New Song Called ‘Blackout’ With Mysterious Letters”.

“It’s very possible that’s just a coincidence, but a connection between the Earth being literally blacked out by the moon and U2’s “Blackout” letters also seems to make some sense”

Above..the U2 Blackout letter that several fans received..

“Blackout it’s clear who you are will appear”…In the letter it appears that words are blackened out with a Sharpie pen. My last name is Sharpe. The song was released on Aug 30th, which is my birthday. The announcement read ‘The Blackout’ just for you. The first concert date after it was released was Detroit, where I’m from. Billboard magazine called it an “enigmatic note”.

And I’m the one who knows and is telling the Pink Floyd Publius Enigma. In the original Pink Floyd newsgroup, where Publius posted his messages in 1994, I used the screen name ‘thesun” because of The Division Bell’s many references to the sun. It’s as though “thesun” during one Enigma is now being referred to as “The Blackout” by a U2 enigma because of the eclipse.

From the U2 Facebook page

From the official U2 Blackout video

In the Blackout video, which is in black and white, you see that the lights resemble Dominoes. I’ve explained in this website how the song “Dominoes” by Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd was set up to be the answer to the Publius Enigma. In that song are the lyrics “Don’t you want to see her proof?” Throughout this website I tell the riddle by explaining its clues and the many clues behind the Division Bell artwork. I give the proof. Whoever set up the Enigma clues did it so I’d be believed when I tell the story behind the Division and interpreting clues given by Publius is the proof that I’m legit.

So along with other musicians, U2 is helping me to be believed, when I tell the story, so I can get justice..

Like the U2 lyrics “When the light goes out, don’t you ever doubt the light that we can really be”

When the lights go out…

Don’t you ever doubt the inspiration the musicians continue to be.