Roger Waters gives Detroit Clue

(For better understanding, please read the other chapters in this website)

February 13, 2020. Roger Waters posted the above video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. At the end of it he says “I did watch the documentary again recently ‘Beware of Mr. Baker’. (He laughs and points at the camera and says) “If anybody sees this you should watch it”

“If anybody see this you should watch it”

At the beginning of the movie “Beware of Mr. Baker” Johnny Rotten is shown talking about Ginger Baker and he’s wearing a baseball shirt with the word Detroit on it. Pink Floyd fans will remember that in the 70’s The Sex Pistols wore Pink Floyd t shirts with “I hate” written on them.

Johnny Rotten from “Beware of Mr. Baker”

In other chapters in this website, I showed Detroit clues from the Division Bell tour booklet, how the flag “points to” Detroit. And I show the clue “it is Detroit” from a Gilmour Guitar World magazine interview where he mentions Detroit.

In several of his posts Publius wrote “where this information points to” and “begin pointing you in the right direction”. So “pointing to” and Detroit have been clues from way back. So in this clue today, Roger points to you, and tells you to watch the movie and in it is a Detroit clue from Johnny Rotten..

Clues are meant for fans to believe me and my story, finally and to quit calling me crazy. (Read the other chapters) As if I could possibly make up everything. Anyone who has been following my website would have gotten Roger’s clue by themselves. Why can’t the clues be more direct? and why can’t the musicians say anything? I explain that in other chapters. The main thing is for me to get this story out into the media. The musicians were obviously hoping the fans would help that’s why the Enigma was created in the first place. Maybe they could help me get the story out and win a prize for themselves. For some reason the media is unresponsive right now, because it is unbelievable. The musicians are working at giving clues and the fans need to take an active role finally.

“You should watch it”

But other than the clue, the movie Beware of Mr. Baker is really cool and funny.

The Eric Clapton and friends tribute to Ginger Baker concert was brilliant. Loved seeing Roger and Ron Wood. I hope they make it into a DVD.. I saw some of it on YouTube. I loved Ginger Baker and his drumming and saw him play with the Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion in 2014. And of course I saw him play with Cream in the 60’s.

Ginger and I shared a moment at the Grande in Detroit that I’ll never forget. I was sitting on the steps and the band was leaving, he turned around and he stared at me for the longest time. Love you Ginger..