Dominoes clue from Phil Collins

In the above chapter from this website, I talk about the song “Dominoes” by Syd Barrett and how it was used as an enigma clue. I tell how after Publius left the newsgroup, another anonymous poster calling himself Genesis started giving better clues than Publius did. Genesis mentioned me by name in his clues and sent me and others direct communication by email. And I show that email in the above chapter.

I wasn’t able to see Nick Mason, ”Live at the Roundhouse” at the theatre on March 10 because of this virus thing is now in Michigan. I did submit a question, don’t know if he answered it. I have been saying that he has not played Syd’s song “Dominoes” on his tours, which to me is a clue in itself. Maybe fans saw some clues, I don’t know, but with the DVD of the show, I might be able to find more.

The clue in “Dominoes” that was used for the enigma is “Don’t you want to see her proof?” I’m being given proof by bands to show fans. My proof of their clues is suppose to get the fans to understand and trust me and help me get the story out into the media for justice.

Today I see what I believe is help and a clue from Phil Collins. Phil is a good friend of Robert Plant and Plant knows about the enigma from David Gilmour. So it’s musicians coming together for a cause to help me get justice, tell what sick and horrid things my old friend Carl Palmer and his friends did to me and to get the story out into the media.

So here is the clue posted today March 4, 2020 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter …it’s self explanatory and tickets are being sold on David Gilmour’s birthday. I love the clue Phil!! Thanks! Your friend Denise.