“Dominoes” answer to Publius Enigma


In the above chapter from this website, I talk about the song “Dominoes” by Syd Barrett and how it was used as a Publius enigma clue. I tell, that after Publius left the newsgroup, another anonymous messenger by the name of Genesis started giving better clues than Publius. Genesis mentioned me by name in his clues and sent me and others direct communication by email. I show that email in the above chapter.

The clue in Syd’s song “Dominoes” is in the old lyrics “Don’t you want to see her proof”? That’s the whole idea behind this enigma, musicians giving clues that I can explain and in doing so, it is the proof that I’m legit and should be believed. Don’t the fans want to see my proof? I’m here telling the stories in this website for justice.

So now musicians are giving even more “Dominoes” clues which I am interpreting and it’s more proof for fans. They can’t come right out and say what it all is. I have to do it for justice. I’ve been telling what happened throughout this website.

March 4, I found another clue from Phil Collins. He’s a good friend of Robert Plant and Plant knows about the enigma from David Gilmour, so it’s musicians still coming together for a cause to help me get justice, so I can be heard when I tell about the horrid way my old friend Carl Palmer, sting and a few others used music

Below is the clue posted March 4, 2020 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Tickets were being sold on David Gilmour’s birthday. I love the clue thank you Phil. “Domino” is a song on the 1986 Genesis’ album called “Invisible Touch”

David Gilmour singing “Dominoes” his favorite Barrett song…May 6, 2020. Photo from Polly Samson Facebook,

Below is an article from Rolling Stone from May 11, 2020 About Gilmour and the Syd Barrett songs.