“Yes, I have Ghosts” Heroes for Ghosts

For a long time I’d been thinking about a title for my book for when I decide to finish my manuscript. A few chapters are already written and they are in this website.

So far, I came up with the title “Heroes for Ghosts”. (I may even mentioned that in my website somewhere) The Division Bell helped me to realize that my old friend Carl Palmer (drummer extraordinaire, as he refers to himself) wasn’t a hero after all and that 20 years later he came back as a stalking ghost just to haunt me and hurt me. So, in the song “Wish you were here” the old lyrics “Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?” fits everything that happened very well. Yes, Pink Floyd got me to trade my hero Carl for a creepy stalking ghost that he became.

I had been thinking whether it is was ok to use a phrase from a song for a book title. Not sure who to ask really. Both Gilmour and Waters are credited with the lyrics. But it would be whoever owns the rights to Pink Floyd and that would be Gilmour. On May 29th, I asked Roger on his Instagram page, thinking I’d get some kind of clue response. I wrote “Can I use your lyrics Heroes for Ghosts for my book title”. See below:

Then today June 18th, I went to David Gilmour’s Instagram page and saw that he has a new song coming out called “Yes, I have Ghosts”. To me it was a Yes reply to my question “Can I use your lyrics Heroes for Ghosts for my book title” See below:

So when the song comes out June 25th Or a week after that, maybe the lyrics will have more of an answer. But will fans put the two together? This is an enigma but it’s all true for me, this journey I’ve been on hasn’t been easy at all. Musicians can only do and say so much because they could get sued by the musicians whose secrets I reveal. I have to be the one to tell the story, but with clues like these above, they’re helping me to tell it and be believed. Hopefully fans will understand someday and they can help me get this story out into the media, as that was the original plan of the Publius Enigma so long ago.

Maybe the song will have a Division Bell type ring to it about communication. I’ll wait to see what fans think of the lyrics because now it’s long past time for the fans to receive the communication directly.

Music is communication.. TRUST