Before I write chapter 10 about the Publius Enigma Clues, I want to post these clues and explain them.

The Boatman was created as the Pink Floyd logo for “The Division Bell” tour, and it is their current logo. It’s supposed to be a man rowing a boat. It forms a P and an upside-down F for Pink Floyd. It could also be a D and an upsidedown G for David Gilmour.

Pink Floyd Boatman Logo

But what does the logo spell in reverse? Hold the logo up to a mirror. You see, a C and a P. CP is Carl Palmer’s nickname.

Backwards Boatman logo

In The Division Bell tour guide, there are more clues. In the American tour guide, you’ll see this page below.

From the Division Bell tour guide

It’s a clear page with The Boatman logo on it. The logo is placed over the cathedral/castle in between the mouths. That indicates that Pink Floyd’s Division Bell lyrics represent the truth about Carl and me. Truth over the lies coming from Sting’s castle and his song Fields of Gold.

Turn the clear page over, and the logo’s mirror image rests on the page with cities listed.

Backwards boatman on cities page

Right above the CP is the word Birmingham, which is the city that he was born in. (But as this is the American tour guide, it refers to Birmingham, Alabama, but it’s still a clue)

The boat piece of the logo sits on the I and the T from the word DETROIT. I am from Detroit.

Also, in the American tour guide, the page with the cities listed hold that page up to the light, and you see that the man with the pointed cape on the other side stands between the letters I and T from the word DETROIT. And the cape points to it.

Tour guide held up to the light

When Gilmour spoke about Publius in Guitar World Magazine, he said, “People are hunting for something, but i don’t know what it is.” And under the “it is” is the word Detroit. The answer is “it is Detroit.” It directs fans to Detroit and to me, the person who is telling the story.

(I’m still wondering why the “i”s weren’t capitalized)

Gilmour interview in Guitar World Magazine

Pink Floyd manager Steve O’Rourke gave several clues about it. In an interview, when asked about the Enigma, he said, “I’m sure that someone will get to it at the end” and “I’m sure that someone will get somewhere at the end of it.” And “I’m sure there is something at the end of it.”

In the European tour guide, you hold the page with the cities listed up to the light, and the man with the cape on the other side stands between a C F & P, which are Carl’s initials. Frederick is his middle name.

European tour guide CFP initials

Then turn the clear logo page over, and on the left, the city Wiener is above the CP, and the letters PRA are below that. When the logo is turned upside down, it forms a T, so the clues mean CP is a wiener and a prat. It’s a hilarious clue. Wiener is slang for a penis, and a prat is a dumbass or someone’s buttocks.

European tour guide

The CP image is the complete opposite of the Pink Floyd Boatman logo, meaning one is a lie and the other the truth.

I was emotionally abused by Carl Palmer with his horrid lies, but David Gilmour gave me the truth of it all. Total opposite people, just like the logo.

Now maybe fans will know why Gilmour can’t say anything until this story gets out. He’s given me tons of clues to give fans and to help me tell the story. The story has to be known first. Fans were supposed to get involved; that’s why the riddle was invented, but it didn’t work. Fans didn’t care. Obviously still don’t.

Below is an image of it all put together. The backwards boatman, the man and pointed cape from the other side, all on the “IT” of Detroit. IT is Detroit. It’s remarkable how Storm Thorgerson and his people did such an awesome job with the artwork. Right next to the CP backwards logo is DEN (from the word Denver) the first three letters of my name DENISE and once again I’m from Detroit. I am the one to tell you the story.

Backwards boatman on cities page American Tour guide
From the Welcome Back video that I’m in. Keith Emerson writing the ELP logo, before he made the E. Looks like the backwards boatman