NEW Gilmour Lyric clues…Yes, I have Ghosts

2020 “Train on the tracks, teeth of the zip” (written Nov. 2, 2020)

The song “Yes, I Have Ghosts” is David Gilmour’s first new song in five years. Polly Samson co-wrote the song with David. It was inspired by a character from her novel. (I haven’t read her book because I’m writing my own true story and don’t want to borrow anything accidentally)

I thought that since Gilmour co-wrote it, perhaps he gave us an enigma clue. A few lines stood out to me. One of them is ”Train on the tracks, teeth of the zip.” I always mention how he can’t say too much, and clues cannot be direct.

As I’ve been saying, The Division Bell lyrics and artwork and Enigma were to help me tell my story about what other musicians were doing. The album was also an open letter message to ELP, Asia, Jon Anderson, and Sting to stop their crazy haunting and phony love songs with their music. I know way too much about Carl Palmer that he feels could ruin him, and he didn’t want me telling the story. I am telling the entire story from the very beginning in the chapter sections in this website, and eventually, I’ll catch up to the current day. But, when I see a current clue, I want to post about it as soon as possible.

After The Division Bell, the title of the last studio album by Emerson Lake & Palmer was a reply to Pink Floyd, and it’s titled ”In the Hot Seat.” It was released in September 1994. ELP were basically saying that Pink Floyd put them in the hot seat by giving me lyrics and clues so I could use them to get justice, be believed, and tell the whole story. The cover art of that album is below…Notice the train on the tracks and teeth like a zipper, just like Gilmour’s new lyrics. And there’s a chair on the tracks ready to derail the ELP Train. You could call that a spanner in the works….

In the Hot Seat. Emerson Lake & Palmer

Yesterday, while looking at that album cover and that chair on the tracks, it reminded me of Rod Stewart’s album title “Spanner in the Works,” released in May 1995. I knew when that album first came out, that it was a huge help to me, especially “Leave Virginia Alone” written by Tom Petty. In my letters to Gilmour I asked him “Why won’t they leave me alone?” because I was still being stalked. I went to look at Stewarts album cover again. I remember thinking years ago.. what is the significance of that chair Stewart is sitting in?

Rod Stewart A Spanner in the Works

Comparing the two albums, the colors are very much alike. And Stewart sitting in his golden chair is like the Spanner itself, trying to derail the ELP train. Rod Stewart and his album are the Spanner in the Works. In 1977 ELP put out an album called “Works”. Besides the help from Pink Floyd with “The Division Bell”, Rod Stewart also helped me along with Tom Petty and his song “Leave Virginia Alone”. ”When the A crowd came to adore her brain”. The A crowd stands for Asia. And they were ”adoring my brain” with lies in love songs. The song is telling my abusers to leave me alone and to stop haunting and stalking me at my work, at my home and with music and videos.

I also noticed yesterday that on the album cover, Stewart was pointing to his temple, it was a message that I didn’t see years ago. A message to.. think about what this album cover means. If it weren’t for David Gilmour’s one line from his new song, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon it all. “Train on the tracks, teeth of the zip” I knew exactly where to go to see that image and see that there were more clues and more to tell.

(Read my manuscript chapters in this website to know how I met and knew these musicians)

At the very beginning of “Yes, I have Ghosts,” the line “The heat of the sun” reminded me of the Asia song “Heat of the moment” and “the sun,” which was the screen name that I used in the Pink Floyd newsgroup where Publius posted. I always knew that John Wetton, who was a longtime friend of Carl’s, wrote “Heat of the Moment” about Carl and I meeting for the first time and our times together. I believe this clue is Gilmour’s way of giving me and fans the proof that “Heat of the moment” was written about me. Sadly, Carl only used me to help his image. He never loved me and he actually hated and stalked me because I know too much.

Also in the song “Yes, I have Ghosts” are the lyrics “a face in the crowd”. In 2012 Asia released an album titled XXX. On it is the song called “Face on the Bridge” and it also has the lyrics ”a face in the crowd”. I often posted a photo of myself standing on Westminster Bridge on my Facebook page. I knew Asia used that photo and other things for that song, but I couldn’t prove it. I believe these new clues from Gilmour are to help me prove that Asia wrote about me for years. I know they did.

myself in London on Westminster Bridge taken in late 90’s

Yes, I also have ghosts, and not all of them are dead.