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11-26-21 I was directed to inform fans about Coldplay’s latest song, they posted yesterday. It has to do with the Enigma and it gives the Enigma answer with the lyrics “Lion inside”. As I’ve said the lion inside the clock of the Pink Floyd “Time” video is the key. From other lyrics below you can see that it’s about Sting, and it hints at his song “Be still my beating heart” but Coldplay had to change it slightly to “me Still my beating heart”. Sting “walks around like he owns the fucking lot”.

Coldplay joined the enigma in about 2008 with their album “Viva la Vida or Death and all his friends” I’ll be talking about it in an upcoming chapter. Or Palmer and all his friends.

11-24-21 Message: Don’t be Just another brick in the wall, open your minds to the story..

11-20-21. Today on the Pink Floyd Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See below…if you have the DSOT DVD watch and listen during “One Slip” 1:43:32 and Gilmour saying “Expose..You have it all”. I was to expose Carl Palmer years ago! But I didn’t hear AMLOR back then. “One Slip” tells the story of what Palmer did to me in that hotel room on that bed in ‘73. Now I’m certain. And The Division Bell tells what Palmer did to me years later. This is HUGE and should be the proof fans wanted. Gilmour has been helping me to expose Palmer for what he did. The fans are getting this story before the media. This is so emotional for me. So incredible, but then so is Pink Floyd and David Gilmour!

The song after “One Slip” is “Run Like Hell”…the old lyrics are a message to Palmer that he’d better run like hell. (“The old lyrics mean even more today” And Gilmour said that.)

11-19-21 Today the song “Scarecrow” will be featured on the Official Pink Floyd Youtube. On 11-12, I wrote about “Scarecrow” (read ## further below) and how Gilmour posted the video on Facebook and Twitter as a jab at Palmer. Well I was right. Today‘s post should be a confirmation to fans that Gilmour is watching as I write here and giving clues to help me be believed. He wants fans to know and to trust me that my story is true.

(Hello David, do you think they’ve got it yet? Hope so. Maybe a prize can be sorted out if they do. This Enigma is getting very confusing.)


11-17-21 I suggest fans look for clues in the new AMLOR remixed and updated boxset. In chapter 13 I’ll be talking about why I believe AMLOR is a precusor to The Division Bell. They’re both concept albums. I don’t have the boxset yet, but I think it’s time the fans find the clues. The story is all here in this website. Also listen to the lyrics again, especially “One Slip”, with an open mind. Also the words spoken in “Signs of Life”….

“When the child-like view of the world went, nothing replaced it… Nothing replaced it… Nothing replaced it…
I do not like being asked to… I do not like being asked to… I do not like being asked to…
Other people replaced it… Someone who knows”

2 days ago the above was posted on the PF Youtube page. The guy sitting on the bed seems to be disappearing!



On the PF youtube channel they just switched “Let their be more Light” to Chapter 24 “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”. It really doesn’t matter because only the words “Let there be more light” and “A Saucerful of secrets” were needed on 11-11 to go with the clue ELF ELF. Whatever they show today doesn’t change yesterday’s clue. But it does bring awareness to the fact that only the titles were needed not the lyrics and playing a different song today doesn’t change anything. It’s good I made a screenshot yesterday.

##A few days ago I wrote about how Palmer made a jab at me reversing ELP lyrics to “Benny grabbed a hatchet, buried it in Sidney’s head”. (See below) But now I believe he was mainly using Syd’s name to take a jab at Gilmour.

Because today on the Pink Floyd Facebook and Twitter pages the video for “Scarecrow” with Syd is shown. So now Gilmour is using Syd’s “Scarecrow” lyrics to jab back at Palmer with the following:

“He stood in a field where barley grows”.

One of The Division Bell heads represents Palmer, as I’ve been telling. And also that the field in TDB artwork represents Sting’s song “Fields of Gold”. In that song are the lyrics “among the fields of barley”. So the lyrical jab from Gilmour to Palmer is: “He stood in a field where barley grows”. And that tells part of the story behind the TDB!!

“Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words the poster bearer cried” In a letter to Gilmour, I told him that when looking at the TDB artwork, my son pointed at the field and said “and there’s the Fields of Gold”.

I’ve been told there were extra large Division Bell posters made that have the name Eric D A Sharpe printed in the field. My sons name isn’t Eric, but the rest is my son’s initials and last name. I’ve been trying to find one on eBay.


Today is 11-11, those numbers are a clue from TDB booklet page ELF ELF or 11-11 that I wrote about and the secret about Palmer and Anderson being a couple. Today in the PF youtube page tomorrow’s premier of the song “Let there be more Light” from “Saucerful of Secrets” was announced. The answer to the clue is let’s shed more light on the ELF ELF secret. So Gilmour is still helping me to get justice for what those two F’s did to me and he wants fans to know by giving the clue. There are probably more clues today, maybe you can find them before I do. I’ll get justice somehow.



For several years I haven’t paid any attention to what Palmer has been up to and I don’t care. But recently, when I heard he played at a nearby theatre on 11- 4, I felt intimidated and wanted to see his YouTubes.

Today, during a youtube “Dropping in on sound check” on Tony Ortiz page, Carl sang the ELP song “Benny the bouncer” and obviously reversed some lyrics. He sang “Benny grabbed a hatchet, buried it in Sidney’s head”. Actually the lyrics are “Sidney grabbed a hatchet, buried it in Benny’s head. I don’t believe it was a mistake. It was a jab at me.

Carl knows my name is Denise and Sidney is an almost perfect anagram of my name. With this Enigma, song lyrics and anagrams are used as clues and messages. He knows this game, he started this whole thing, and now he seems to be threatening me again.

I’m done looking at anything he says or does again, but sometimes it’s tempting to look for something that might be going on behind my back, like threatening a lyrical “hatchet” in my head. Better back off Carl.


On Thursday November 4th, the Official Pink Floyd Youtube announced the premier of “Time (Official Audio)” and it was shown the next day, November 5th.

Also, on that day the Official David Gilmour Youtube channel announced that the premier of “Return to Pompeii (Behind the Scenes)” would be shown the next day. Gilmour posted the following in the video description: “I watched this again the other day and loved it. Hope you enjoy it too. David”

Separately there didn’t seem to be a clue, but putting Time and Pompeii together, I thought I’d watch the video of Time/Breathe (Reprise) (Live at Pompeii) and that’s where the clue is.

At the start of it, you see a fire. It’s the answer to the Publius question “Why would the newspaper be crumpled? The answer is “to start a fire”.

The song “Fire” was the start of Carl Palmer’s career and the song “Only Time will tell” is from his band Asia.

Why did I look for clues from Gilmour on that day? Because on Thursday November 4th, Carl Palmer played at a club called the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan which is in the Detroit area where I live. I didn’t go to it. He had a lot of nerve even coming to my state again.

I knew Gilmour would be angry and wouldn’t let that go by without giving a good clue. He is still helping me to get justice. He wants me to show fans the clues he’s giving, so you’ll believe and trust me.

Like I’ve been saying all along clues can’t be direct. No one wants to get sued.

Stay tuned to this page for any new clues, or maybe you’ll find them yourself. New clues will be at the top of this page.