Today’s HUGE Pink Floyd/Coldplay Clues..

1-16-22 today on the Pink Floyd Twitter page the following video was posted

It’s the video for “Time” from PULSE restored and re-edited. I’ve explained in the story how and why the key to the Enigma is the Lion. In the video in Time, I told how the Lion flys off the wheel. The Lion represents the ELP Manticore which is a mythological creature, half man half lion. It was the name of the record label they owned. All these clues about ELP And Sting are for me to give fans and to help me tell the story and what ELP did to me, so I can get justice.

I hadn’t written about Coldplay‘s help before. I didn’t want to startle people yet, it’s so unbelievable. But their new song “People of the Pride” lyrics “Got a lion inside” gives the clue and it’s very helpful as are other lyrics in that song.

The Publius Enigma messenger Genesis wrote in 2005, “What do you see most of in time” answer is ticking clocks…Coldplay’s “Clocks”. The single was released in 2003. The lion inside the PF Time video is the key. “Got a lion inside” from Coldplay “People of the pride” that mentions a clock. Other lyrics in that song refer to Sting and his song “Be still my beating heart” He’s the guy that “walks around like he owns the fucking lot” So Coldplay joined in enigma and has been giving clue. Especially with “Viva La Vida. I have yet to write about Coldplay in the main chapters because I’m only on 1997 right now.

Last night Chris from Coldplay said “You shouldn’t be scared of people who tell you you’re shit, or that you can’t, because you can. That’s the truth, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

That was very helpful to hear. I’m not afraid anymore of fans who don’t believe me and say that my story is shit, because I know my story is true and I’m telling it with help from some very famous musicians.

I’ll explain more later, I wrote this in a hurry just now because it’s huge. I knew about Coldplay’s clue already, but today PF posted the Time video to connect it all and last night Coldplay played People of the Pride and they are trending #1 on Twitter right now.

1-14-22 on the Official Pink Floyd youtube..A clip from High Hopes PULSE (restored & re-edited) original vs. restored

The video starts with, “There was a ragged band that followed in our footsteps.” If you read my story on this website, you already know I’ve explained the meaning of the lyrics. Also, now you can easily follow the new clues. Those lyrics were put first on youtube to alert fans of their importance to the story

I explained how the “ragged band” represents ELP and how they followed in Pink Floyd’s footsteps in the early ’70s. The video on the screen of the acoustic guitar floating down the river means Greg Lake and his acoustic song “Still..You turn me on”. I wrote the meaning of that song and how I was sadly used. In an ELP video, Greg is shown fishing along a riverbank.

The three people on stilts represent ELP. The last person is a woman dressed as a man, representing Carl Palmer. I’ve told all about him and how he wasn’t very manly and how the ELF clue tells all. I’ve told all about what he did to me. That’s why Gilmour is helping me to get justice and get the story out.

I’m wondering if the new restored PULSE DVD coming out on February 18, 2022, will be altered. It’s a must-have for any interested Pink Floyd fan following the story.

12-31-21 on the David Gilmour YouTube page, songs from Live in Gdańsk concert 360 Reality Audio were posted. The song “Breathe” (link below) has a glitch at 2:13 at the lyrics “the sun”. That’s not a coincidence. I’ve been writing about how I sang “Breathe (in the air’” in front of Gilmour at the Detroit concert on TDB tour and the tape was used on Pulse, Live 8, Remember that night and Live in Gdańsk.

I’ve also been saying how my screen name was thesun on the original Pink Floyd newsgroup where Publius posted. I’ve also been explaining how the key to the Enigma is the Lion and how one can be seen during the “Time” video in Pulse. And one can be seen on the sundial artwork for TDB near the clipped sun-ray. This glitch is an obvious clue for fans to believe this story. Thank you David! Hope they believe soon and help to get the story out.

Happy New Year to all readers.

12-25-21 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Readers. Your support is greatly appreciated. Over at the Pink Floyd Youtube, 24 songs were posted yesterday. Nice gift to fans!

12-22-21 Today the animated movie Sing2 will be released in theaters in the US. “What begins as a dream of big-time success becomes an emotional reminder of the power of music to heal even the most broken heart”. It features the U2 song “Your Song Saved My Life”

Bono is the voice of the character Rock Star Lion, Clay Calloway. (The Lion under the sun ray in TDB artwork is the key to the Enigma, I will be writing in chapter 13 about how the music of U2 guided me years ago with “Stuck in a Moment” and few other songs.

And these songs below are featured, in the movie soundtrack. (See clue from 12-13-21, at bottom of this page where the answer to a PF riddle was Joshua Tree. “Where The Streets Have No Name” is the first song on the U2 album of that name.

I’ve always said since 1994, that “Coming Back to Life” literally saved my life. Only music could have saved me.

12-19-21 During Matt Gilmour’s Live Jam today on youtube, at 17:00 minutes in, he sang a song, afterwards he said he had just made up the lyrics. Sounds like an obvious clue to me. And his guitar playing sounds great too.

The sundial from The Division Bell artwork the clipped sun ray reveals the Lion

I explained in the story how the key to the enigma is under the sun’s ray, it’s the Lion. And the world is still pining to know the answer. I get views on this website from all over the world. “Nothing can stop it now”

I was really surprised to hear that song today. Seems as though Matt’s dad told him about the Enigma and now he’s helping me to get through to fans too. And my screen name was “thesun” in the Pink Floyd newsgroup when Publius was posting his clues.


12-16-21 The following was posted on the Pink Floyd social media pages.

The sound is the first 18 seconds of “Breathe (in the air)” from Pulse.

Also today, the Official Pink Floyd Youtube Channel posted the same, the beginning of the song “Breathe (in the air) from Pulse.

(Read Chapter 10 in this website where I tell about “Breathe” and Pulse)

The song “Breathe (in the air)” from Pulse is actually a recording from the Detroit/Pontiac, Michigan concert, on The Division Bell tour. July 15, 1994, was the first show Pink Floyd played DSOTM Live in its entirety since 1975. And I had front row seat in front of Gilmour and sang Breathe. They had to have been recording the show. At least I know for sure the vocals are a recording. Jon Carin is only lip-synching in the video. They had to show someone singing. This is probably the most unbelievable thing of my entire story. That the voice of an unknown is on a Pink Floyd song. I can’t help what Gilmour did with my voice. It’s been a very sad thing that I wasn’t believed to begin with years ago. I’m still being helped to get my story out, but fans don’t believe Gilmour would do anything like that for a fan.

12-13-21 On the Pink Floyd Instagram a question was asked along with their post (it wasn’t asked on Facebook or Twitter). The answer is Joshua Tree National Park in CA. My first thought was ‘oh like U2. “Where The Streets Have No Name” is the first song on their album. Then I saw the initials in the road were D G for David Gilmour. The first song on the Pink Floyd Later Years is “Signs of Life” Both Joshua Tree and AMLOR were released in 1987. I just wrote about “Signs of Life” in my last post here. Like I always say, clues can’t be too direct.

Today 12/10/21 ALL the songs from AMLOR were posted. That was weird. Only “Signs of Life” was scheduled.

Today 12/10/21 The song “Signs of Life” is being posted on the Pink Floyd Official YouTube page. The words that Nick Mason speaks in the song are:

“When the child like view of the world went, nothing replaced it…nothing replaced it…nothing replaced it…

I do not like being asked to…..I do not like being asked to… I do not like being asked to….

Other people replaced it Someone who knows”

Re-read the second half of Chapter 6 in this website. I told the story of that awful night with Carl Palmer. And the two other people and the bed the three of them kept telling me to get into, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t like being asked to. It was awful. Those words in the song are distressing for me to hear, even after all these years. But they were meant to remind me years ago.

I had a childlike view of the world back then, and I trusted Carl and admired him, but in one moment, I no longer trusted in musicians and nothing replaced it. It was a traumatic night. But Gilmour and others were replacing it with AMLOR.

“Someone who knows”. Who found out what happened to me that night? It could have been my friend Chris Adamson who worked for both Emerson Lake & Palmer and Pink Floyd. He may have found out and told Gilmour. I stopped going to see Pink Floyd and Chris after what Carl did to me. I stopped listening to music for a long time. Maybe Chris wanted to know where I was. Or it could have been Carl’s own friend Mark, later Roger Waters manager, who told Chris. They were friends.

It’s obvious no one can tell me directly yet. Carl could still sue people for helping me to tell about him. People have to be very careful. Carl and his other “Dogs of War” friends won’t negotiate. That’s why I need to tell and have the story out worldwide first. The fans were suppose to help me. I have to explain what Carl did, then the people who helped me will be free to speak. I’m working very hard to get the story out.

Recently I heard something. During the song “One Slip” from “Live Delicate Sound of Thunder 2019 remix” on the Official Pink Floyd youtube channel, I heard Gilmour say, “Expose…you have it all”. That means I was to expose Carl Palmer for what he did that awful night. “You have it all” means that I have all AMLOR, album lyrics and artwork to use to prove it’s true. And that Gilmour was helping me tell it to get justice. That’s directly from Gilmour himself.

Had I heard AMLOR years ago, I think I would have known right away that Gilmour was trying to help me get justice and expose Carl. Would fans have believed me?

I didn’t know about or listen to A Momentary Lapse Of Reason until after The Division Bell, and I was shocked when I heard it. It was meant to alert me back then, but I didn’t get the message. But I did get a newer message from TDB. Had I heard AMLOR, and proceeded to tell about Carl then, things would have been so different.

Now I truly do believe that A Momentary Lapse of Reason is a concept album also and a precursor to the The Division Bell.

Fans keep wondering and asking why AMLOR is being pushed so much over the years. Fans need to finally get the message from the album too. It’s more than just music. It’s an incredible story, and it’s all true.