Pink Floyd…U2 and The Blackout Mystery

Today 8/27/22 Pink Floyd posted this on social media

There’s a clue in the artwork of Pink Floyd’s 2019 The Later Years cover. The featured landscape was shot about 200 miles from Joshua Tree California.

First song on the U2 album named Joshua Tree, Is “Where the streets Have No Name”…

Closer look, see the initials on the Pink Floyd cover below.

Where the street has initials DG for David Gilmour

In 2017 and 2019, U2 were on their Joshua Tree Worldwide Concert Tour.


Around August 21, 2017, several U2 fan club members posted on Twitter that they received a mysterious letter in the mail from the band. It was a promotion for a new song called “Blackout” that hadn’t been released yet. It IS a part of the Pink Floyd enigma.

Then on August 30, 2017, U2 posted this on their website:

When I read “The Blackout just for you,” I was shocked as August 30th is my birthday, and my last name is Sharpe, like a Sharpie magic marker blackens out words.

I tried to tell the story on Twitter, but no one believed me. Where was I supposed to make myself appear to tell the story?

“When the lights go out, don’t you ever doubt..The light that we can really be”

I don’t doubt the light that the musicians have been. It’s getting the story out that’s the hard part, and people don’t seem to believe me, which is sad.

“Blackout, it’s clear, who you are will appear”. All I need to do is appear where people can see my story.

To be continued…