Gilmour “Some silly record company thing”. Or was it a clue?

From 1995, I told the story to the Pink Floyd online newsgroup, but I was bullied and verbally abused by fans, and stalkers who taunted me for years, and some still do today.

During a 2002 webchat, when asked about the Publius Enigma, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour said it was “Some silly record company thing that they thought up to puzzle people with.”

One of the main keys to the Publius Enigma, which I explained earlier, is the lion in the “Time” video of Pulse. It represents the Emerson Lake & Palmer record company known as Manticore. A manticore is a half-man, half-lion creature. Seemed like Gilmour was actually giving the answer to the enigma with his statement. The Manticore is a silly record company thing that was used to puzzle people with.

After Gilmour’s comment, many Floyd fans stopped searching, and said the enigma was a hoax because Gilmour said so. I knew he couldn’t say what it was exactly, but his statement wasn’t interpreted as a clue as it could have been.

But, three years later, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason affirmed that the EMI record company had instigated the Enigma. He said, “That was a ploy done by EMI.” (You can read his very long completely bizarre explanation at the “Publius Enigma” online Wikipedia).

After that, everywhere I went online to tell the Publius Enigma, fans would say, “I thought Dave said it was all a hoax”.