Chapter 14 – U2 & The Rolling Stones


In the last chapter, I wrote about Sarah McLachlan’s “Building a Mystery” video and how the man (musician David Usher) is sewing stars on a skirt with thread, stars that he appears to be collecting from the sky. The video for U2’s “Staring at the Sun” reminded me of that video. The scene where The Edge is shown in the shadows resembles the scene with David Usher. Then I realized that The Edge’s first name is David.

After that, I noticed how U2’s video shows a thread of light several times between shots of the band members as if they’re being sewn together. By comparing the two videos, the stars being collected and sewn on a skirt in one video and rock stars shown joined together with a lighted thread in the other.

Then I saw the lighted thread wrapped around The Edge’s fingers, and that image was used as the thumbnail for the video on the Official U2 Youtube channel.

At the end of the “Building a Mystery” video, Sarah McLaughlin wears a skirt full of stars that helped create the mystery. The stars that the actor, David, gathered helped create it, just as David Gilmour brought rock stars together to join the Enigma mystery. Both videos help me tell my story for justice.

The song “Building a mystery” was released in June of 1997, and the single for U2’s song “Staring at the Sun” was released in April of 1997.

I don’t know of any other band whose music speaks more for Freedom, Women’s Rights, and Justice than U2.

It was 1997 and the U2 song “Staring at the Sun” clarified that they had also joined in the Enigma to help. It is the fifth track on their album Pop.

I was shocked, but Pink Floyd fans still didn’t believe my story, and I was stuck trying to get the story out. This whole thing wasn’t just about getting justice for myself, it’s also about music getting justice. The musicians Sting, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Jon Anderson from Yes, and more used music to stalk, emotionally abuse me, and push me towards suicide so I wouldn’t or couldn’t tell their secrets. The more I realized the truth, the more they stalked me. I got through it, and now I’m speaking about it here. By telling the story now is what they don’t want, but with the help of other musicians like U2, Pink Floyd, and others and the clues of the truth in their lyrics, readers should believe so I can get justice.

In 1997, I was still posting at the Pink Floyd newsgroup, so all musicians in this battle of words knew how fans were progressing with the Enigma. David Gilmour knew I needed more proof to be believed, so more bands joined in to help.

Pink Floyd had already given the main story and clues via the Publius Enigma clues and The Division Bell album lyrics and artwork. Since I have ties to them because of mutual friends, they could only say and do much. No one can speak up on my behalf directly now because of possible lawsuits from the other musicians. I have to be the one to tell it first and get the story known. I don’t have any personal ties to U2, so they’re freer to give direct clues.

Music should never be used to lie or intentionally inflict emotional distress on someone. And I’ve told in Chapter 6 what Carl Palmer first did to me. This whole thing started when he tried to defame my character, so no one would believe me if I told his secrets. He got me intoxicated, took off my clothes, and his friend tried to take photos of me in bed. But I ran away from it all, taking the secrets with me. Then for years, he and his musician friends used lyrics and videos to stalk me and make me believe he cared so I wouldn’t tell what they did. It wasn’t until 1992 that I figured it out and thought it was real love, but the love songs were lies. And The Division Bell told me the truth of it all. Music is a gift from God and should only help people.

The sun is an essential part of The Division Bell artwork and lyrics. I consider the song “Coming Back to Life” the song that saved my life. The lyrics about “The shining sun” are most important. The warmth from the sun is very comforting in times of distress. I used the screen name of thesun when I first started posting on the Pink Floyd newsgroup where Publius first started posting messages.

(Note: U2 wrote the song “Your Song Saved My Life” for the 2021 movie Sing 2, and Bono made his animated film debut as voice of the reclusive rockstar singing Lion, Clay Calloway).

From U2, “Staring at the sun.”

There’s an insect in your ear if you scratch it won’t disappear

It’s gonna itch and burn and sting

Do you want to see what the scratching brings

Waves that leave me out of reach

Breaking on your back like a beach…

Will we ever live in peace?

His bandmates gave Sting his nickname because he always wore a black and yellow sweater, and he looked like a bee. The song tells Sting is the insect in my ear, and if I scratch (listen), his songs won’t disappear. The lyrics are gonna (hurt me) itch and burn and STING. Do I want to listen to his lies? Waves leave U2 out of reach. They can’t say anything using radio waves or sound waves. But the radio waves of Sting’s love song lies continued to break my back. “Will we ever live in peace?” Will Palmer and Sting ever leave us alone so that we can live in peace?

In Chapter 8, I talk about the dangerous pastime and the Sting song “Fields of Gold” and how it was released at the most critical time of the depression that Palmer was causing me. At the beginning of this story, I tell how Sting used my words and the circumstances of my first meeting Carl Palmer for the Police song “De do do do.” He was given the story of my relationship with Palmer for his lyrics for years. That’s why he wanted me silenced. I knew too much.

I believed in the love songs, but they were horrid lies meant to make me break when I finally realized Palmer wouldn’t even talk to me again. They pushed me to the limit to see if I would break. But I’m here, and I’m telling the story.

About “Staring at the Sun” Bono said, “I think it nails a certain mood, where you actually don’t want to know the truth because lies are more comforting.” And that’s so true because I didn’t want to know the truth at first, but I learned that it was a dangerous pastime believing in love song lies.

Also, from “Staring at the Sun”

“In the shade of a willow tree
Creeps a-crawling over me
Over me and over you
Stuck together with God’s glue”

At the beginning of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales video for “Fields of Gold” where Sting is in his home/castle studio, you see a tree outside his window, like he’s in the shade of a tree. And he’s looking out the window at it.

In my letters to David Gilmour, I’d always call Sting, Palmer, and others “creeps.” I’d write, “Those creeps are bothering me again.” It was very creepy what they were doing to me, like crawling all over me.

The life-saving music of Pink Floyd, U2, and their friends that I’ve mentioned in the story are holding us all together with God’s glue.

Also, from “Staring at the Sun”

“Intransigence in all around..Military’s still in town..Armour plated suits and ties..Daddy just won’t say goodbye..Referee won’t blow the whistle”

Palmer, Sting, and his friends refused to change or agree on anything. This is like a battle of lyrics between rock bands, and Palmer and his military drum style is still in town touring, but he just wouldn’t say goodbye to it all. A referee still hasn’t blown the whistle to stop the game. Perhaps my writing will help end it to live in peace.

“To the ones Staring at the sun..Afraid of what you’ll find.. If you took a look inside”

And to the ones staring at this writing of thesun, don’t be afraid of what you’ll find when you take a look inside. It’s only the book of my heart.


When The Rolling Stones album Stripped Live came out in late 1995, all of the songs were so inspirational, like “Sweet Virginia” (Come on down, I’m beggin’ you. Got to scrape that shit right off your shoes)

“Shine a Light” (Make every song you sing, your favorite tune) “Let it Bleed” (We all need someone we can lean on) “Dead Flowers” (I know you think you’re the queen of the underground” “Wild Horses”, “Slipping Away”. And “Not Fade Away” was always my favorite and the band’s first single in the US. Also on the album is “Like a Rolling Stone.”

When the video for “Like a Rolling Stone” came out in late 1995, It was obvious to me that they knew what was going on. You have to watch the video and listen to how well the lyrics tell my story also.

Like the song lyrics, I hung out with rock stars, but years later, I was on my own. I’m still a complete unknown. Musicians called via their music and said to be careful that I was bound to get hurt. I used to laugh about all the musicians I was hanging out with, but years later, I didn’t talk very loud because I wasn’t believed. (I never met Bob Dylan, and the song is from 1965, so I don’t have any connection to it). It’s another enigma when older songs seem to tell a newer story.

When I was writing to David Gilmour between ‘94 and ‘97, I mentioned how my friends and I hung out with Ronnie Wood and Faces several times. Maybe he told Ronnie, and then Mick and Keith found out what was going on with music and they helped me through a difficult time with their music.


In 2000, U2 released the album All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I found that the song “Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” was helpful to me. Bono has said the song was inspired by a fictional conversation with his friend Michael Hutchence about suicide.

I was stuck in a moment myself, with an enigma telling about Asia’s “Heat of the Moment” and then later Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse of Reason, which I wrote about earlier.

It was like a clue how some lyrics at the end of U2’s “Walk On” are the same lyrics as the last song of Dark Side Of the Moon called “Eclipse.” Each line of lyrics begins with “All that you” or “All you.” Both songs have the lyrics “All you create” and “All that you hate.” It’s an obvious nod by U2 to the Pink Floyd song.

The song “A Beautiful Day” was uplifting and inspiring to me. I was on a road, but I had no destination. And like the lyrics, I was stuck in the Enigma traffic, and I wasn’t moving anywhere. It’s been a rough time for me carrying the baggage of a worldwide Pink Floyd riddle that I couldn’t put into words yet. People wanted to know what it was, and I had no way of getting it out in the media. I still don’t. I was out of luck, but the music kept me going and kept me safe. It was like I found a friend in U2 to take me out of that place of being stuck with all that I can’t leave behind.

See Chapter 15 for the…Final Enigma Keys.