Chapter 15…Final Enigma Keys Revealed

Earlier in the story, I explained the clues in the Publius messages and how they point to clues in The Division Bell artwork.

There are different networks where clues originate from, and the clues interconnect. The Division Bell lyrics network doesn’t tell the entire story, but its artwork network of clues, and other enigma clues that support each other and intersect, will give the whole picture. It was done that way for anonymity.

The messenger Genesis wrote: “You need the authentic posts from PUBLIUS and “Genesis.” There is a clear difference between the PUBLIUS messages and the “Genesis” messages, I know. But one without the other won’t work. I never said this was going to be easy”.

Below is a summary of clues Genesis gave to the Pink Floyd online newsgroup after Publius stopped posting, and then I provide the answers.

Genesis clues:

1. “I need your wheel to complete our journey” “What do you see most of in Time?” “Opening the door takes not only a key, but the time, and collective wheel of objects.”

2. And the clues of: step, key, time, stir~, again~, SoulS))) and point you in the right direction. Many times he’d post three dots … which is an ellipsis.

3. What’s written on the key. I am way out of line sendiNDg this post. You must locate the key!! It is an object,,,you see!!! =Num_on_key


1. During the “Time” video in PULSE, an object flies off the wheel as it’s turning. It’s a lion. The lion represents the Emerson Lake & Palmer record company logo of a Manticore, a half lion half-man creature. It is one of the keys.

2. For the song, “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?” songwriters Waters and Gilmour used a phrase spoken by Chris Adamson for the title and used Chris’ words “Flash the readies, Wot’s…Uh the Deal?” for lyrics. The lyrics in the song of step, key, point, stir, soul and time were clues given by Genesis. Chris worked for ELP and then Pink Floyd. I mentioned in the story how I knew Chris and the two bands.

3. Another key: On a standard keyboard, when you press the numb lock and the number 3, you get the # pound sign or sharp key, a musical note. Sharpe is my last name, and some in the newsgroup referred to me as D#. Genesis wrote “sendiNDg.” The small letters sendi is an anagram of my first name Denise. Genesis gave clues several times of “need to have a Sharpe eye” and “sharp Eye.” He also wrote many times to “follow the new breathe.” I explained to the newsgroup how my voice was used in the song “Breathe” on Pulse.

Genesis wrote, “Once you find the key, you put it all together really fast.” That is true because all three keys connect Pink Floyd, Chris Adamson, myself and Emerson Lake & Palmer together. These clues and more were given so that fans would believe me when I told how Palmer, Sting, Anderson and others intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon me and how The Division Bell lyrics and artwork helped me tell about it so I could get justice.

Besides the lion, there is also a curved E, like the one in the ELP logo that is shown in the “Time” video and a P behind the time keeper robot.

I believe Storm Thorgerson, Graphic designer and music video director for Pink Floyd, used the old lyrics “Try to keep up with the turning of the wheel,” “because it’s time,” and “show me where the key is kept” to create clues for the newer “Time” video. It seems as though it was Storm who was Publius and Genesis because the clues in the video and artwork were clues mentioned in both the Publius and Genesis messages. When asked about the enigma, Storm said, “There are many enigmas.” But he couldn’t say anything direct about it.

Screenshot shows Chris Adamson pointing from “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?” The Official Pink Floyd music video from their YouTube page. The video was made in 2017 and shows photos from 1972.

Gilmour himself gave a big clue during a performance of “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?” in 2008. He performed the song in Gdansk during his 2006 On an Island tour. He makes an apparent gesture during the lyrics, “Try to keep up with the turning of the wheel.” That’s the best clue in the song. It refers to the lion that flies off the wheel in the “Time” video of PULSE. You can watch the video of the performance on fan YouTube channels. Just search “Wot’s…Uh the Deal” Live in Gdansk. Only the performance audio was included during the end credits on the Live in Gdansk DVD that was released in 2008. By not including that performance on the DVD, it could mean that his gesture is too obvious a clue so he couldn’t use it.

Fans in the newsgroup were invited to email questions to Genesis, and they would receive an answer. I already knew The Division Bell communicated a message to me personally, but I wanted to be sure that Genesis was legit and could verify it, and he did. I also wrote that I hoped Gilmour had new music coming soon. There had been rumors of it, and it happened that the new album On an Island was released on the day I received the email. It was also the day of Gilmour’s 60th birthday.

My email from the Messenger Genesis

Genesis gave clues in his email to me when he wrote, “What were you doing and where were you”? regarding Pink Floyd. He knew, but he wanted me to recall Chris Adamson and the song “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?”. He was trying to help me solve it, but at the time, I didn’t know about the song, so I couldn’t interpret the clue.

Genesis knew of me and what I was doing. I was hanging out with Chris and Pink Floyd. When he wrote, “You can surely connect the dots” he referred to the dots … in the song title, and for me to connect the song lyrics, Chris Adamson and myself so I could tell fans to solve the riddle.

The clues were set up during the making of The Division Bell. Gilmour knew it would be difficult for fans to believe me, so he had the clues point to my location so fans would find me, then I could tell the story. I don’t think I was supposed to be the one to solve it, fans were supposed to solve it by using clues and my story. Then maybe they’d get a prize, and I’d get justice by the story being told in the media.

Not sure how a prize for fans could have be possible if Pink Floyd had to remain anonymous. Maybe Live 8 was a prize or even this story itself. But everything went awry when fans couldn’t put the clues together and wouldn’t believe me.

The last paragraph of the last Genesis message posted to the newsgroup was on April 3, 2007.: “The Enigma is very real. You have front-row seats to the most thrilling events ever to take place surrounding the music industry. As thrilling as they are in concert, nothing can top the events that are currently unfolding before your very eyes.”

That clue means that other bands were joining in to add to the story, so I’d be believed. Musicians used lyrics and videos to help give clues. If the fans listened closely, they’d find the clues and follow along.

It is a very intricate system of clues, but the Enigma was announced worldwide, and fans from all over the world were to work on it together. Along with the lyrics, artwork, clues and my story, fans were to solve the enigma, and I’d get justice. But the fans didn’t solve it, so now I’m solving it for them.

You can look up the lyrics to “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?” for yourself on the Internet. There are other lyrics that connect to more artwork. Storm was a genius, and I thank him. I want fans to know the work he did here.


As I’ve mentioned before, I knew Chris Adamson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer and hung out with Pink Floyd. I’m shown sitting with Palmer in a restaurant in Detroit in ‘THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST: ELP ON TOUR’: broadcast on 26/12/73 – ‘BBC/Manticore Films’. That clip was also shown in the 1992 ELP Welcome Back video.

Sadly, I was used many more times in “How the Brits Rocked America’, Go West Episode 2 which started in January of 2012 and ran for 5 years on BBC FOUR. I was watching it on YouTube and felt sickened and stalked again when I suddenly saw myself. I had written to Palmer many times prior telling him to stop using me and bothering me. I wrote to the BBC and they took “Go West part 2” down from YouTube. The original Manticore film was edited and my face is almost totally blackened out now.


My health was on my mind again, but this time music couldn’t help me. On May 26, 2006, I had surgery for a large mass and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, it hadn’t spread, but doctors told me I had two different kinds.

I had chemo for six months, and it seemed highly potent, and it caused severe polyneuropathy disease, which started in my feet and now, in 2022, has gone into my entire legs and arms. When nerves are damaged, then muscles atrophy. It’s an autoimmune disease, and there’s nothing doctors can do. My goal is to keep walking as best I can.

I researched on the Internet how best to treat pain without addictive prescriptions. I take various supplements, eat anti-inflammatory foods, and use medical marijuana. Living with pain can also cause depression and anxiety.

Every day is a challenge to do anything. I’ve written this entire story on an iPad, lying down with my head and feet propped up. I turn 71 in August, and I’ve had an okay life, but living with severe chronic pain is awful.