The Cereal Hat Enigma…funny

Today, I thought I would talk about the funny cereal enigma. But, I had to re-read the 1996 Brain Damage Magazine article that printed my name, and mocked me horribly, when I tried to explain the Publius Enigma. I haven’t cried over any parts of my story for many years, but this time I did. It’s sad, but sometimes you have to let out the pain to heal.

I won’t show the entire article here because it’s horrid, and was meant to hurt me, but this part started the hat clue. They wrote:

“And if the moon collides with Earth and it’s true that you’ve been in regular mutual contact with Dave Gilmour, then by all means send over your biggest hat…I’ll happily eat the whole thing!”

In 1997, during the Enigma discussions on the Pink Floyd newsgroup, fans knew about that article, and I was mocked further. Then someone wrote that the new marshmallow in the Lucky Charms cereal was a hat. I thought it was funny. It could have been arranged as a message to Brain Damage Magazine as proof that I am in communication with Gilmour. Where else can you get an edible hat? One fan said he called the cereal company to investigate who was behind it. I laughed at that. If Gilmour was behind it, which I think he was, he wouldn’t have given his name.

Then in 2016, Lucky Charms introduced new marshmallows, 5 clover hats in different colors.

I wasn’t even going to mention the cereal clue until I saw the photos in the 2017 Official Pink Floyd YouTube video for “Wot’s…Uh The Deal”. It is also included in the Pink Floyd The Early Years 1972 Obfusc/Ation 2 CD/ DVD/ Blu-Ray Set also from 2017.

I explained the song in an earlier chapter and it’s importance. Chris Adamson is sitting at the table with Pink Floyd. So what does that have to do with the cereal clue? There are cereal boxes on the table. And Chris is pointing to the top of someone’s head, and everyone is laughing. I’m not sure, but it could be roadie, Roger “The Hat” Manifold, that he’s pointing to. Just thought of that.

No, I don’t get messages from cereal, I don’t even eat it. But it is funny. Brain Damage Magazine wanted me to send over my largest hat and they would eat it. Well, how about the smallest edible hat. We wouldn’t want them to choke.

I was supposed to tell the story, and what better place than to a Pink Floyd Fanzine. I sent them many letters trying to explain the enigma, but all I got was ridiculed in print for all the fans to read.

I then wrote to David Gilmour again, and asked if he could stop the magazine, and their cruelty towards me. And I believe he did. After that, only one more issue was printed.

From the current Brain Damage website: “The final days of Brain Damage Magazine (sob) when it disappeared, along with Jeff Jensen – if anyone has contact details for Jeff, we’d love to have them”.

Maybe he choked on a Lucky Charms marshmallow hat. Good riddance