Chapter 16…The Conclusion…A Friend in Robert Plant – Gilmour Stars align

In Chapter 8, “A Dangerous Pastime”, I talked about the song lyrics in “Stairway to Heaven”, and how Carl Palmer and Sting used them to stalk, and cause me more emotional distress.

I can say now, that Robert Plant was angry, and very hurt that they used his song lyrics from “Stairway to Heaven” to hurt a friend of his longtime friends. What they did turned him inside out and upside down.

Robert Plant was the key that helped me to start writing this story, and I’m thankful for that. His 2017 album Carry Fire was very inspirational, and gave a message.

And then the lyrics from his “Season’s Song”, “Who stole my pretty songbird…No longer for me sing”. That seems to refer to the lyrics “In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings” from “Stairway”, but who stole Robert’s songbird? It was Sting. And is the reason why Robert will no longer sing “Stairway to Heaven” because the song was used to stalk and hurt his friend? I believe it’s one of the main reasons.

The first song on the album is titled “The May Queen” which are lyrics in “Stairway to Heaven”. It was a message, and it’s what made me take notice of his album.

Carl Palmer knew that I had met, and had connections to Robert Plant. In 1972 I told him myself, and I wrote to him about it in 1992. Palmer knew that Plant was the only famous musician left, that I could contact directly. So Palmer and Sting frightened me away from Plant by using his own song to haunt me.

I was thinking about going to a concert, and asking Plant, but I was afraid he’d sing “Stairway”, and I’d get freaked out again. I knew in my heart that Plant and Page had nothing to do with Palmer’s evil plans to destroy me. It was the old song itself that frightened me.

But Palmer’s strategy worked, and I also stayed away from Page and Plant concerts. They didn’t even play it. The song “Stairway to Heaven” is very haunting to some people, but for me it was much worse the way Palmer used the lyrics while he was stalking, and emotionally abusing me with other things.

Robert Plant performed at the Fox Theatre in Detroit in November 1993 on his Fate of Nations tour. That was the same theatre Palmer played several months earlier. If only I had talked to Plant then, I would have told him what Palmer was doing, but at that point he already knew. He could have told me, in person, the truth about Palmer.

Also, on Robert Plant’s latest album Carry Fire, the lyrics from the song “Dance with You Tonight”, “I offer up the secret places, reveal the magic of the land”. With those words he tells that he gave clues with his song “The Enchanter”. With that one, he described the cover of the Pink Floyd PULSE album.

From “The Enchanter”, the first lines, “She moves through the mountains and down to the sea”, and later “Oh, that my tides dance the ebb and sway” “She’s studying the planets, and she’s searching for signs”. And that’s obviously true, I must be the enchanter. “She’s trading information in a world without fear”. Yes I am. And he sings the lyrics “easily done” three times. That’s an anagram of my name Denise. Also, “The Enchanter” is track 6 on the album The Mighty ReArranger. Rearranging the words “easily done” is “done easily” sounds like Denise.

While discussing the Publius Enigma in the Pink Floyd newsgroup, I remember asking many times “What are the clues on the cover of PULSE?” I couldn’t find any. So it seems Robert wrote a song about it all to help me tell the story! I love it. And my voice happens to be on the PULSE album during “Breathe”.

Cover of Pink Floyd’s PULSE

A description of the Pink Floyd PULSE album artwork from Wikipedia. “The original CD cover features an “eye-like” machine that has clock pieces inside, there is a planet in its centre, and on the outside it shows evolution as it moves backwards. It starts in the sea, moves to the bacteria which evolve into fishes, then into egg type creatures, then into eggs that hatch birds, and birds follow the trail of an aeroplane. There are six pyramids in the desert, and in the bottom of the sea, one can observe a city in the shore.

Recently, Plant performed with Alison Krauss in the Detroit area on June 6, 2022. I met him and Led Zeppelin on June 6, 1972. It had been exactly 50 years. But, like the other musicians involved with this game, he can’t talk to me directly now. The Division Bell tells everything, and until my explanation of it gets out in the media, the players can’t speak openly about it.

I found old photos on the Internet of Robert Plant with a big smile, and he’s holding a key. At the time I didn’t know that the Manticore lion was the key to the enigma riddle. I had forgotten how Robert is often referred to as the Lion. His help with lyrics, and clues should be more proof that I WAS stalked and emotionally abused by Carl Palmer and Sting.


In 2015, when I read about the new David Gilmour album, the title Rattle that Lock made me think. Rattling a lock on a cage was similar to what I needed to do. I should write the story, make some noise about it, and free myself.

At the beginning of the instrumental song “Five A.M.”, the first song on the album, you hear what sounds like a cage opening. On the album cover, there is an image of an opened cage on a gold field, and birds that had flown out. The bright gold-colored field reminded me of the field on the cover of The Division Bell album, which represents the Sting song “Fields of Gold”. It encouraged me to start to write the story.

Keeping it all to myself was a huge burden. For so long, it was difficult to put the story, and clues together, because I still hadn’t figured it all out. In one of my older letters to Gilmour, I wrote that at 5 am I would wake up with a sense of creativity, then I’d go back to sleep.

Another reason that I finally decided to write the story, was due to the song titled “Dancing Right In Front of Me”, lyrics by David Gilmour. The title immediately reminded me of the Pink Floyd concert in ‘94, when I was directly in front of him. If you’ve been reading so far, you can easily interpret his lyrics:

In 2017, I finally took a chance. I started this website, and I still take one day at a time writing. Everything I knew has always been inside me. It hasn’t been easy to carry around all these years, but I’m to tell it, so that I can have a brighter path. Gilmour wants to watch me fly too, and finally be free. His lyrics tell how he’s stuck waiting, and being watched, which explains how he can’t say anything about it all yet. But he’s waiting for the stars to align, which tells how rock “stars” giving clues with music, will help me to be believed, and get the story out.

Regarding that song, Gilmour commented to Mojo Magazine: “It’s a hard thing to try to write something that means something to you. Reflecting an idea of what you want and hope, for your kids, and to try to not become mawkish or hectoring.”

I was stunned hearing the song. It was a bold move by him. He can’t say anything about me, but he spoke through the song. He was very direct, and told many details. I wish he had shown me a clearer plainer truth though, the puzzle pieces were even difficult for me to find. I’m not at all surprised that he said the song was for his kids. The song gives a message of hope, and guidance to everyone.

On the Rattle that Lock tour on July 25, 2016, during the concert in Wrocław Poland, “Dancing Right In Front of Me” was played live for the first time. That was very significant to me because of my polish ancestry.


To be continued…